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  • I was just wondering if you felt there were enough interest that we could have marine fish of the month and tank of the month? I'm not sure there are enough of us salties to make it worth it or not?
    Hey simonas, I wanted to ask you about marine monthly comps? Any chance we can do them? I know the marine part of the site isn't nearly as busy but just wanted to see what you thought about that. Sorry if you're not the right person to ask.
    my catfish that you seen photos off died a few days after them photo's was taken he got stuck behind the heater :( he was my pride and joy
    only just scrolled down enough to see your comment Shelagh ha ha . Not sure if threats of violence are a breach of rules will have to dig them out!! lol
    Hi Simon, I saw you was thinking of giving Chaeto a try, and I just thought as you already have a sump set up, that you should create a Turf Algae Scrubber. Everyone who has used one of these has 0 nitrate and Phosphate, and their tanks are covered in Coraline. They are easy to make and dirt cheap to create! You really should look into it pal!
    popping by to say congrats on your, how many times a day am i allowed to bug you? :p
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