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    How many filters do you use???

    None I use a sump on my freshwater tank
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    Anyone keep elephant nose fish?

    I'm currently breaking down my discus set up but I have 3 elephant nose in there that I have had for 9 months. I'm thinking of planting the tank a bit more and adding a few more elephant nose. Has anyone got a group of these and what else do you have with them? I also have in the tank aan...
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    What To Feed A Gar

    Gars can be awkward to get feeding but once they are settled they take anything and with that I mean pellets too . I used to feed my spotted gars silversides, prawns etc and live worms to start with but after a while took massivore too
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    Question on Cory eggs

    Cory are really easy to rear if eggs in their own tank. Once they hatch and once egg sack used I feed a powder fry food then as they get bigger crush a catfich pellet with regular small water changes and they soon become mini adults.
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    Took me a while, but it's finally set up

    Looks spot on that Zante. Always fancied something like that myself
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    Hello from Wirral

    hello mate Wirral here too, Bromborough
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    1800L/475G - Clown Loaches, Loricariids & More!

    what a fantastic tank love it/ Always wanted a shoal of clown loach and fire eels my favourite fish
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    spiny eels

    I would try young earth worms they usually cannot resist a wriggling worm and when I have had eels that don't eat these usually do the job. Angling shops sell them
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    What type of placo is this

    planet catfish is your ID friend, everything on there
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    spiny eels

    all the spiny eels are easy to care for once eating. Its the eating that is the issue. I have always found that if they do not eat frozen food then you will need either earth worms that wriggle or live bloodworm etc to get thm eating. Once they feed and settle in they thrive. They are also...
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    Sterbai Cory Spawn

    did you manage to raise the babies
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    Which Corys Do You Have?

    I had 2 sterbai now I have 10 :) Theyre easy to rear and next time I will get a bigger batch. Great fish
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    Perfect Tank For My En School

    did you ever get them? I know this is an old thread I am resurecting
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    Found rummynose fry

    Happy days I am actually quite excited for you/? How come you are shutting down? are you moving? Still keeping discus?
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    Found rummynose fry

    Thats amazing Zante. Had my 15 for about 16 months now and never seen anything that resembles spawning behaviour. How do you know these fry are rummies? Any pics?