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  • hey! We are in the middle of a move to Georgia so I rehomed my fishes for a few months. I saw you were moving homes as well. Hope it goes smoothly! My kids are driving my
    What are you up to!!!!! You've abandoned all your friends! :) My Rams spawned! This was the only place I haven't posted it yet. lol
    I hadn't seen it before, but are you wearing a shirt of the Edmonton's oilers? The only places I know pretty well in Alberta are Calgary (of course) and going towards the American border like Lethbridge, Patricia etc. I am Dutch but have been living in Montreal since last summer. Yeah, have a look at CAC: it is great to exchange with fellow Canadians (and to know where to get things!)
    Great avatar! I see you are from Canada too; where about are you? Are you also a member of the forum Canadian Aquarium Connection by any chance?
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