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  • Yay, Beth!
    I got her and she's a very sweet girl... at first the there was a little fighting, but now there all friends! She's very cute, and will do anything for a mealworm :p
    As you said... thinking about getting one more :D Saw a beutiful rescue female who needs a home, her named Lacey, and she's an albino.... My cage can hold up to 10 rats, so I don't need to worry about space :)
    Apistogamma and Betta Splendens
    PDsimon told me you keep these 2 species together ? How are you finding it I originally wanted rams and apistos but I bought a red betta splendens so I'm curious if it could still work,
    You're welcome! I've never had rats before they're majorly cute.
    And thank you so much. :] It's nothing compared to the beautiful, inspirational ones I've seen on here but I'll get it looking fabulous hopefully sometime in the near future.
    Thought I'd say hello since I stopped by earlier and didn't say anything. My nephew pulled away. :] Your rats are so adorable!
    Hi BethK,
    Just wated to thank you for all the time you have given into helping me with my rats- It was truly helpful to here from you. Thankyou so much for the time put in. If you ever need a favour, or anything like that.....
    Hello BethK
    Sorry for asking, are you a rat person? I just noticed you had a few post's up about them, and I am thinking of getting rats... need some help...
    sorry for the weird Q. :)
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