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  1. Bella123

    How do I introduce male kribensis to female?

    hi! I brought a pair of kribensis in may (male and female) and I had to separate the male into a different tank because he was too small to breed with the female, so she would be quite aggressive towards him, causing him to hide and go quite pale. He’s now large enough to mate and I was...
  2. Bella123

    Kribensis pair are fighting each other

    Hi! I bought a pair of Kribensis about a month ago, one is more confident and the other one is quite shy. The confident one chases the shy one away whenever it is in sight. I am unsure whether they are male or female, as the confident one is bigger yet more colourful than the shy one, who is...
  3. SagesSeaEscape

    Kribensis and Pictus cat issues??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Kribensis and Pictus cats. So I’ve had my Pictus for about 9 months now and recently added 6 Kribensis to the tank. They are the only fish at this time. I have a 29 gal tank with 8 caves in it and some vegetation for hiding. recently...
  4. K

    Don't know what fish to add to 45 gallon tank

    My 45G is currently stocked with - 12 Neon Tetras - 8 Otos - 8 Guppy Endlers - 4 Panda Cories - 1 Male Kribensis I was wondering if anyone have some good suggestions for a colorful/good schooling fish that would make a good addition to the tank. Thanks! Note: I use to have black skirt...
  5. Kayla_Johnson19

    75 Gal: Tank mates for single Krib & CAE

    Hi there! I have been doing a whole lot of research as I prepare a 75 gallon! I’m trying to decide what tank mates (cichlid or otherwise) that could work well in there and there’s a lot of different opinions! I have my single female Kribensis going in there as well as my Chinese algae eater (who...
  6. J

    Kribensis Hiding: New Behavior

    Originally had kribensis with 4 corydoras in 29 gallon tank. Kribensis was very happy would see him a lot especially at feeding. Then I added 6 neon tetras, kribensis was a little aggressive towards neons and had a bad die off them leaving only 1 neon left. 3 weeks later added 7 neon tetras and...
  7. M

    Kribensis cave questions

    This is my first experience with Kribs. I have a male and female I believe are paired. They followed each other around in the tank at LFS and did these little dances around each other. I see where people say that their caves need to have only one way in and out. The closest to a cave structure...
  8. P

    Kribensis sexing

    kribensis Hi can anyone help.. Iv 3 kribensis and trouble sexing them.. there is 2 that are behaving like a a pair but look identical.. I believe males are bigger .. Anyway Iv the 3rd one on its own and wanted to get another for it to pair up with.. can anyone
  9. AmberLucy

    Is my Kribensis still breeding?

    Hi there, I recently bought my kribs a coconut and straight away they took to it, spending a couple of days digging it out and guarding it. The female then spent about 2 days in it constantly apart from when the male chased off other fish, she would come out to guard it and then go back inside...
  10. T

    New fish keeper - still learning!

    I have a 55 gallon planted tank established for 9 months. Just bought a pair of kribs. The male is very active but the female was sick on arrival and died on the first night. Sad to her struggle and die. Based in South Nottinghamshire.
  11. K

    my Kribensis is a dull and doesnt have a colour

    I have 2 Kribs and 2 tiger barbs in a 25l tank. One krib is small and a dull grey/greeny colour with a spot on its tail, the other is a dark black like colour. The darker one always hides and doesn't surface often. Another thing i've noticed is he wont let any fish near him or on the ground...
  12. L

    Kribensis help!!

    Hi all, I bought 3 x Kribensis for a 240L (2F x 1M) quite some time ago. Obviously weren't sexed correctly at my LFS; I have 3 males. Which had been fine for the best part of a year until I re-scaped the tank a few days ago. The middle sized one is full coloured and attacking the larger more...
  13. matchstickgeezer

    Hello... it’s been a while!!

    Hi. I just wanted to say hello as it has been YEARS since I last logged into these forums! I’ve had my current setup for 10+ years but during themat time I have kept everything from 100+ shrimps, to community fish, to breeding Kribs, to loaches, frogs and snails. Having recently had 2...
  14. H

    When to move kribensis fry

    Hi all, I am wondering when I should move my kribensis fry? They are in my community tank and both parents have been great. They are about 1cm long and I have around 20 of them. Should they have any other fish in the growing out tank? Grateful for any advice, new to the amazing world of fish
  15. B

    Kribensises with Sun catfish

    I have a 30 gallon tank with some danios and a sun catfish. I was wondering if it was okay to put some Kribensises in with them.
  16. M

    My male has died and now worried for his lady.....krib help please....

    Hello all Really need some advice as im a newbie. In community tank i had what i believe was 2 stripe kribs, a male and a female. Both seemed very happy always swimming about together and close. They got along with rest of tank with no problems. Last night i found him dead and am completely...
  17. hudsona85

    Kribs With Fry!

    I had a feeling there was going to be some breeding going on since the male was acting pretty aggressive and moving the gravel around. Really was not expecting it so soon! I have 8 fry already from about a month ago in a breeder in the same tank and growing dad by day. I can't tell how many...
  18. CoryFever

    Kribensis Questions

    At a recent aquarium society auction I purchased a breeding pair of kribensis. I already have one confirmed male in my 75 gallon, and I was wondering if I could put the new pair in with him. WIll the 2 males fight? And what will happen to the female? The tank is extremely densely planted and...
  19. Aqua Marine

    Re-Stock In Progress - Cheap Community Fish

    Hi Guys,   I am in the middle of getting a new tank and therefore want to re-stock with a larger group of cichlids, so my community fish are in need of new homes! I am based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and would need pick-up as would be unwilling to post!   Reason for Sale:            ...
  20. M

    Kribs Digging...

    So I got a pair of Kribensis on Monday, and since then they have gradually been digging out a tunnel to create a larger cave underneath my bogwood, my question is, when it comes to Sunday when I clean and change the water should I put thesand back or just leave the to it? Basicly there was a...