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When to move kribensis fry

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Oct 25, 2017
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Hi all, I am wondering when I should move my kribensis fry? They are in my community tank and both parents have been great. They are about 1cm long and I have around 20 of them. Should they have any other fish in the growing out tank? Grateful for any advice, new to the amazing world of fish
You can move them any time you want, really, but the parents will probably decide to have another spawn as soon as this one disappears (that's what my mum's kribs used to do anyway; she had tanks of baby kribs everywhere...), so you might want to leave them where they are for the moment!

Make sure they have plenty of clean water so they'll grow well :)
Move them when the adult male starts chasing the baby males around.

Don't let the adults breed too often because you will end up with hundreds of fish and nowhere to sell them.

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