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Jul 9, 2016
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I am thinking about upgrading my 16 gallon tank to a 50 gallon. I already have 4 male guppies and 7 diamond neon tetras, but i would like to keep a tank with much more types of fish. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? my most recent plan is:
4 male guppies
10 neons
6 cory catfish
4 platy
6 zebra danio
1 dwarf gourami

I would like some peoples opinions on this arrangement, and I only want to stick to easy to care for fish!
ty in advance.


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Apr 4, 2011
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Hello and welcome Amy! :hi:

The list you have is fairly nice. But, before going any further, we need to know what your water parameters are, so that we can recommend fish that are appropriate. If you have hard alkaline water, for example, we'd steer you in the direction of appropriate fish... rainbowfish, live bearers, etc. If you have soft acidic water, we'd push you more towards South American or Southern Asian fish.

Assuming you have slightly acidic (~6.6 pH) and moderately soft, the fish you chose will be fine. I'd trade out the dwarf gourami for a 'pair' pearl gourami though. Pearls are a little bigger, but still quite peaceful (except for conspecifics). More importantly, they are hardier than dwarf gourami. Getting a male and female pearl will do wonders for the tank in terms of movement and interest. The male will generally patrol the entire tank (they can be a little bullyish when it comes to food), while the female would be more sedentary. Make sure that you offer her a hiding place or two in the form of plants, wood, etc. that she can get away from the male when he's bugging her too much.

The rest is a nice assortment, though you want to trade out the zebra danios for a slightly different shoaler. They are extremely active fish and really, despite their small stature, are best suited to tanks that are more like 6 feet long than merely 4. A few other shoalers that would be suitable would be: nearly any South American species of tetra, minus a few of the more 'persnickety' ones. I'd recommend that you go with rummynose tetras though. Beautiful fish, not all that different in appearance from the zebra danios, but a little less active and more of a shoaler. A beautiful display is a nice size group of these fish all swimming together across a tank - and if I do say so, more enjoyable to me, than larger species. An alternative to the rummynose, which are a bit more on the sensitive side, would be bloodfin tetras. Again, nice fish, nice shoaling behavior as well at times, but not as overly active as the zebras.

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