1. P

    Stocking Help Cycled 20g tall/standard

    I have a cycled 20 gallon tall/standard tank with 7 leopard danios, 4 corydoras aeneus, 1 bolivian ram and 2 amano shrimp. I was thinking of adding some other fish, maybe a bristlenose pleco or some guppies. The tank has been up and running with this stock for about 2 weeks and has an aquaclear...
  2. Quin

    Help with pond stocking?

    I'm cleaning up my grandpa's pond as a side project to get myself out of the house during quarantine. Once it's cleaned up we are considering stocking it, but I'd like to find what will work there before proposing anything to him. Separated list for easier read. -pond is not circular. It has 5...
  3. Meg0000

    Plant identification + fish stocking

    Hi, I would like to know what is the stem plant on the first picture, I think it is hygrophila angustifolia but I am not sure. Also I posted a thread not so long ago to identify the plant on the 2 picture but it was the emerged form of the plant so now it looks different so I would like a second...
  4. Geordie Paul

    Stocking ideas

    Hey all, another quick question! I'm finally ready to complete the stocking of my 33 gallon long! I'm looking to add a small school of mid level swimming fish but I want something colourful and not too small like tetras. Currently in my tank I have 7 corydoras and a bristlenose so I need fish...
  5. Meg0000

    Tank temperature+ stocking

    Hi, I would like to make sure the temperature of my tank is ok and if I can lower it a bit because I would like to get another school of corys in the futur (probably not so soon as I have other fish I want to get in that tank before) and the temperature that my tank is at now limits my options...
  6. SRbettas

    Pygmy cory in fluval flex

    Hi I'm trying to decide the stocking for my fluval flex 15 gallon/57 litre So far I have decided on: 1 female betta 4 endlers And pygmy Cory's Some say they need school of 6 others say 4 is fine. I want them to be happy but also keep stocking levels relatively low. Also what do you recommend...
  7. B

    Stocking my tank

    Hi guys, I just wanted to see if anyone had issues about how I want to stock my tank, and any way to resolve them. I am getting a 34L tank (almost 8 gallons I think), and am hoping to put in about 5 cherry barbs and a few platys, in that order. I think I would rather have the platys but please...
  8. T

    Lots of Aquatic Plant Questions

    Hi, I'm planning to start my first planted aquarium but I have alot of questions even after doing a week of research. I wanna make sure to do this right, so if anyone could answer some of these questions that would be great! 1. What hardy beginner plants can I tie on wood and rocks? Is there...
  9. Barry Tetra

    5 gal stocking questions

    I recently move betta from 5 gal to 3.5 gal, any ideas on stocking 5 gal tanks? I need mosquito eating fishes.
  10. T

    55 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hi, I have a freshwater 55 gallon tank that im re-doing and am uncertain what to stock it with. Here are some of the ideas I'm playing around with so far: - Discus with some sort of tetras - Angels with some sort of tetras Maybe add loaches too. Are these good combinations? What would be your...
  11. D

    Buenos Aires Tetra

    I currently have a 30 gallon tank with 5 BA tetras, I am ready to add more fish to it I’m not sure what to add, is there any other slightly bigger fish I could add other than tertras, I am also upgrading to a 55 gallon towards the end of the year so is there anything I could add as a juvenile...
  12. Meg0000

    New 50 gallon stocking ideas

    Hi, I bought a 50 gallon (4 feet long) used tank today and I would like your ideas for a peaceful community aquarium! I got a really good deal on it, it came with 2 fluval c filter, 1 marina filter, 1 fluval air pump, 2 fluval heater, the light, the stand and the aquarium for only 175$ CAD. That...
  13. Barry Tetra

    Help with stocking problem

    This is the tank I have 55 Gals; 4 discus and 3 angelfish 55 Gals; 3 common pleco, 1 (L001) pleco and 3 black ghost knifefish and 3 kubotai loaches (cant find them on day time) 17 Gals; 2 rosy barbs 3 swordtail and 1 mollies and a ram cichlid 20 Gals; 1 oranda and red cap goldfish 5 Gals betta...
  14. Meg0000

    corydoras or loaches + stocking

    Hi I am planning the stocking of my futur 30 gallon and I would like your opinion on the best fish (corydoras or loach) I could have. My dream aquarium: -There will be the paradise fish I already have (female so less agressive and territorial) -I love biotope aquarium so I think I have a...
  15. Barry Tetra

    Tank stocking

    I have 15 gallons tank with 3 swordtails 1 ram molly and rosy barb 6 kuhlis which live under the gravel, I know i should have at least 6 of them, I once had them and they fin nipping to death. So what can I add next?
  16. O

    I need general advice!

    Hello! I am completely new to fishkeeping. I mean, I had a goldfish fish when I was 5 that my father took care of but that is it. I am most likely going to buy a 16.5-gallon nano tank, that I will put saltwater fish in. I have read lots about fish in the last few weeks so I do understand the...
  17. T

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking Question

    I just bought a 29 gallon aquarium from the Petco dollar per gallon sale, and I was wondering how many fish I could have without overcrowding. Would it be fine to have 2 Angelfish, 2 German Blue Rams, and 2 Apistogrammas?
  18. Too Many Hobbies

    Stocking Ideas 20gal/75l

    Hi! I’m new here and to the hobby and have had many questions but been too shy to post in my local fb group. Ive been running a 5gal for the past 3 months and I want to upgrade to 20gal. Currently I have 5 espei rasboras, 4 Pygmy cories, and maybe 4 rcs (usually hiding). my mom complains that my...
  19. F

    Stocking 105L/27 Gallon Tank

    Hi, I have a planted tank that’s in the process of cycling so while I wait I’d like to know how many of each type of fish I can have in my aquarium. Please let me know how to adjust my numbers so that everyone has room and the bioload isn’t exceeded. I have the tetra ‘starter line’ 105L/27...
  20. O

    36 gallon stock?

    hi. I'm not technically new exactly, I've currently got a 10-gallon betta tank, but definitely not experienced. Anyways, my cousin might be upgrading one of her tanks from a 36 gallon bowfront to... something bigger come spring. If she does, she says she'd be willing to give me the old one. I...