1. bettafishlover86

    29-gallon aquarium stocking ideas

    Hello everyone, I have 1 male veiltail betta fish, neon tetras, 1 otocinclus cat, and 2 ghost shrimp. I am getting a 29-gallon aquarium soon and I would like some stocking ideas. Any suggestions?
  2. How many guppies can I keep in a 10 gallon?

    How many guppies can I keep in a 10 gallon? No other fish, just guppies(All males or all females so they don't breed), as well as a couple snails. I don't want to do water changes more than weekly since I usually just do tank maintenance over the weekend.
  3. April_ht

    Subtropical Community Tank

    Unfortunately 3 of my platy fish jumped out of a bucket while I was re-scaping my tank for a planted aquarium, so I am now left with 6 WCMM. I never really took it serious that fish would jump, and a platy of all fish :confused: guess I've learnt my lesson now. Anyways, I've invested in a good...
  4. April_ht

    5 gallon killifish tank

    I have a 4.2 gallon tank that was used to house platy fry for about 2 months and was only emptied this weekend, however the tank or sponge filter have not been washed as I don’t want to remove beneficial bacteria. If I were to get this set up and cycled again, would it be possible to have a pair...
  5. April_ht

    70 Litre (18 Gallon) stocking

    I currently have a 70 litre (18.5 US Gallon) tank with dimensions of 58 x 30 x 40cm (23" x 11" x 15"). The temperature is kept unheated at around 18 Degrees Celsius (65 Degrees Fahrenheit) with a stocking of 6 Golden White Clouds and 3 Platy (2 female:1 male). According to AqAdvisor, the...
  6. ember04

    Tank mates for Black ghost knife fish

    I'm curious, I'm planning to create a tank around a black ghost knife fish and I was wondering what is a safe tank mate for them, I'm a big fan of oddball fish so any other oddballs that would work would be really appreciated. maybe a Senegal bichir, maybe an African butterflyfish or some type...
  7. April_ht

    4.2 Gallon (16 Litre) Stocking

    About a month ago, I bought a 16 litre tank for some platy fry (tank dimensions around 35cm x 20cm x 25cm maybe). I’ve placed 5 into the main tank to see how they do with adult platy and White Cloud Mountain Minnows, the latter of which chased them though could not fit them in their mouth. I’ve...
  8. carligraceee

    42g Update!

    Hey guys! So this past two and half months (almost three months, I think) has been huge for my aquarium and because of everyone's contributions to my successful ecosystem I wanted to share an update with you guys! Stocking: I now have six fish in my tank as well as about a dozen or so snails...
  9. April_ht

    70 Litre stocking (again)

    I currently have a 70 litre (around 18.5 gallon) tank with 6 golden white clouds and 4 platy (3 female, 1 male). The tank has live plants and one decoration, as well as a piece of driftwood. Currently not using plant substrate, just normal gravel from a pet store. Water hardness about 105 ppm...
  10. April_ht

    70 Litre High Stocking Ideas

    So I currently own a 70 litre high tank with approximate dimensions of 60x30x(40 or 50?), which is around 18.5 US gallons. The tank is currently holding 9 platies without a heater, though I do have one available if need be. As I’m planning on getting rid of (rehoming) 4+ of the platies due to...
  11. D

    20 g high tank

    So I have a 20G high tank and I think I want some gouramins or ram. I want fun active fish and looking for stocking advice. I do have hard water with a ph Around 7.6. I also have a single dalmatian Molly I plan on moving into the tank as well. Side note: I have a 10G long with 4 Cory catfish (I...
  12. P

    stock my 55 gallon for me

    hello, hows it going? appreciate the help. so my 55 gallon tank is about cycled and i will move my 2 Electric Blue Acaras from another tank to the 55 gallon. my questions were what should i stock along with those rad bad boys? i have some ideas, but would like to know yall ideas on the numbers...
  13. carligraceee

    Stocking a 37g TopFin Bubble Wall

    Hey guys! I purchased my 37g tank today! I will be splurging and getting a tank stand as well, tomorrow. I just set it up as much as I could, I will be filling it with water and starting the cycle tomorrow (I got liquid ammonia today, pure ammonia hydroxide). Anyways, I would like to know if my...
  14. azurajae

    Stocking a 135 Gallon Aquarium

    Hey everyone, my name is Jae! I'm new here and I'm a (sorta) new fish owner. I've been mostly keeping Bettas (3 in 10-15g tanks), but I have one community tank (15g) with cories, shrimp, and neon/ember tetras; so a total of four active tanks. I've run into a bit of a dilemma and I was looking...
  15. Circus

    90 Gallon Stocking

    So, I am going to completely redo my 90 gallon. As it is right now, I can hardly stand to look at the tank, it gives me so much anxiety. I lost all 3 of my goldfish, although the other fish are doing alright. So, once I rehome and shuffle my current bunch around I will have an empty 90 gallon...
  16. D

    Is this a decent set up

    Hi everyone, Please note I am an absolute beginner when it comes to fishkeeping. I'm thinking of what size tank I should get and what fish I should get, my water hardiness is soft (33-51ppm). I've done quite a bit of research and have been looking at ideas of fish stocking for community fish so...
  17. A

    Nano tank stocking ideas / Help please!

    Hi I’m having a hard time figuring out what fish to put in my 30litre (believe that is 8 US gallons) tank and would really love some help. Tank dims: 32 x 32 x 32 cm. TBH I think the tanks small footprint makes fish stock choice a like tricky.? The tank is around two years old so well...
  18. Ellie Potts

    Pea puffer tank? Please help!!

    Hey everyone! I now have an empty, cycled 20-gallon long (30" x 12" x 12") and I'm trying to decide what to do with it (the fish nerd in me is elated). As my title implies, I'm really interested in keeping pufferfish. Due to the size of the tank, feeding ease, compatibility, and my lack of...
  19. P

    stocking a 29 gallon with EBA

    hello, one of my tanks is cycled and would love to have a Electric blue acara tank. i want at least 1 EBA and a schooling fish.. a gentleman here recommended lemon tetra. would a pair EBA fit in the 29 gallon tank? also, worth noting, i may have to rehome 2 of my 4 Bolivian rams to this tank, as...
  20. C

    Stocking 10 Gallon Tank

    I have a 10 gallon (approximately 20" x 10" x 12") tank that I have used for fish in the past. Recently, I have been looking into getting some fish now that I have time to take proper care of them. I'm not familiar with many different species of fish and need help deciding on how to stock my...