1. CPDtank96

    A question for you planted tank people out there! 🌱

    Hey guys! New to the planted tank scene and looking for some maintenance tips and tricks 🌱 currently I have the following plants in my aquarium: Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B' (background) Hygrophila polysperma (background) Echinodorus grisebachii 'Bleherae' (I think this is the type...
  2. H

    Unknown algae taking over my tank

    Hi all I have had my tropical tank for a year now and things have been stable however over the past month or so i have noticed this red/brown hair like algae growing on my plants/wood and decorations.I try to remove it and the next week it has come back.When looking online and different algae...
  3. Barry Tetra

    Scientific name pronunciation?

    I’m interested in aquatic plants lately and most aquascapers uses scientific name, I’m not sure if they pronounced it correctly though and I wanna know how to do it correctly. Here is how I pronounced fish and plants name, am I correct? Fish: Paracheirodon > pa-ra-chey-ro-don? Scalare >...
  4. C

    African Cichlids vs Planted/Tetra Tanks During Power Loss

    I recently bought my first house, so my wife and I are excited to get our first aquarium together (I kept aquariums for 10 years from middle school through college). We are looking to get a 125 gallon aquarium and are trying to decide between doing a 'typical' Mbuna tank (just sand/Texas holey...
  5. CaptainBarnicles

    Hygrophila?? 🤔

    Any idea what this is? I bought a mystery bunch with all sorts of different plants ages ago and I've never worked out what this is... It didn't do well in the last tank I had it in, probably because of poor lighting and not enough nutrition in the it's been pushing out all these...
  6. Tacocat

    Opinions on bringing plants from the wild

    So earlier today I brought a plant from the lake I sail in as a new addition to the tank. However, I've read that you should always be wary of parasites and bugs and diseases that can be brought along with them. What should I do to sterilize new plants to prevent diseases? Also I would like an...
  7. G

    Help! I Can't Get Anything to Grow

    I have tried using root tabs (one per plant, at base of plant, replace every 4 months as per instructions) on my rooted plants and seachem flourish for my floaters and nothing seems to be working. My hornwort seems to shed needles until there is either nothing left or just a small part covered...
  8. KatNor21

    Can water spangles and other floating plants survive bleach

    Hi, I'm planning to get some floating plants like water spangles or frogbit. I just lost several fish to ich and have found what might be a leech in my aquarium before. So I'm nervous about buying new live plants that could be bringing along harmful hitchhikers. I don't really have a quarantine...
  9. CarloM12

    Don’t understand my tank….

    Hello everyone, I’ve had my 75 gallon planted tank for over 2 years now, and it feels like nothing really grows or does anything and I’m not sure why. There’s a fluval spectrum LED light meant for plants on about 10 hours a day, using NA Thrive once a week as a complete fertilizer which is...
  10. C

    Unidentified Worm-Looking Creatures in Tank

    I wasn’t really sure where to post this, but I just found some white worm-looking creatures on the glass of my 10 gallon. I’m not sure whether or not I should be concerned, but I thought I would ask if anyone is able to identify them anyway. An image has been attached, it’s the best one I could...
  11. C

    Aquarium Plants Losing Leaves

    Can anyone please help? This plant has been shedding leaves with the new ones turning white. The stem and roots seemed to not rot yet as the plant is still standing. The tips should be the color of the last image (kinda magenta-ish). All the other plants in the tank are fine. What could...
  12. M

    Plant recommendations for honey gourami

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a trio of honey gourami (2 x female, 1x male) for my tank in the near future. Does anyone have any recommendations for specific plants they like? Also in the tank are a school of neon tetras and some panda corys. Thanks
  13. P

    1-2 gallon planted snail jar questions

    hello, i hate to be a newbie here. but, i grabbed a pickle jar while working fixing kitchen equipment on a service call at a restaurant. my questions were after i put some top soil under the gravel and plant some basic plants such as java fern which i have an exorbitant abundance of, and...
  14. Snoyo1

    Glueing Java moss to rocks

    Good evening everyone :) I’m just super gluing some Java moss onto some rocks for my tank and I’m wondering how long do I have to wait before u can put it into the tank?? Thank you in advance
  15. C

    Plants for 10 Gallon Aquarium

    I am trying to choose plants for my 10 gallon freshwater aquarium. The water I am going to be using for the tank has tested 0ppm for nitrate, nitrite, and chlorine. It tested somewhere between 150-300ppm for hardness and 300 ppm for alkalinity. The pH is somewhere between 7.8-8.4. If possible, I...
  16. R84achey

    Online plant purchases

    Hi all so I started on the fish journey a month ago. I started with artificial plants however I’ve quickly decided I need real plants. I currently have 2 Java ferns, some duckweed and some Marimo moss balls. I have the Hugo kamishi fine glass gravel and therefore need plants that can grow...
  17. TiberiusJones

    Returning to the hobby after a long absence

    Hello fellow hobbyists, its good to be here and healthy again after recovering from Covid 19 fully. Thank God! I am just getting back into fishkeeping after a 20 year hiatus. I have had various sized freshwater tanks over the years and then got into a 125 gallon reef coral tank that was just too...
  18. back2thelotus

    Brown leaves on Bacopa & Sword

    As the title suggests, my Bacopa Monniera (not entirely sure on its exact name) and Amazon Sword have some brown discolouration on some of their leaves and I'm not entirely sure why. I've attached a couple of photos although it's not very clear in the photo of the sword. These plants are in a...
  19. L

    Planting help and stock levels in a 60L tank

    Hi everyone, Much help needed - so thanks for any input! I had a tank many years ago and seems lots has moved in and I have forgotten the rest (!) I am planning to set up a tropical 60L (c. 16 US / 13 imperial Gallons) tank, measuring c. 40 (w) x 40 (l) x 45 (h)cm (c. 16 x 16 x 18”) I was...
  20. Barry Tetra

    Plant Identification

    Hello TFF! Can anyone identify this aquatic plant?