1. N

    Substrate Help

    Hi! This is my 10 gallon killifish and corycat tank. Everyone is doing well, but I'm having trouble with my plants! I thought I'd really like fluval stratum but I don't... the plants won't stay put. Even in my other tank with 3+ inches of substrate, I'm constantly having to replant. Is there a...
  2. sam_mitchell98

    48 litre Betta Tank

    Hi guys, this is my 48 litre tank which I have been Setting up for a while. I plan for this tank to be home to a male Betta fish, and a small school of fish, and maybe some shrimp or snails. There are currently no fish in the tank, but I do have 4 Echindorous Bleheri, plants and some Salvinia...
  3. Meg0000

    Plants and stunted growth

    Hi, my plants suffer from stunted growth, I always had this problem but I really want to solve it to have a nice jungle aquarium. When I noticed a new leaf on my anubias, it made my day lol. I dose about 6 ml of seachem flourish/week and my plants are anubias, java fern, Hydroctyle...
  4. Barry Tetra

    Plants from river questions

    Hello me again lol, So as you guys know I’ve found Anacharis in the river which is next to my house and near the clothing factory which exposed chemicals to water everyday. Is there anyway to make the Anacharis safe for fish tanks?
  5. T

    Check out my outdoor Molly pond! Plant filtered only.

    Hi I just wanted to share a fun project I’ve been working on for the last few months. I have a 90 gallon outdoor pond with heater, bubblers... and no mechanical filter. I started it in July 2019 and all my fish are happy and thriving. The water is clear and fresh. I have various colored...
  6. N

    My plants aren’t :)

    Hi, I’m new to the hobby and this is my first planted tank. I have had it up and running for a month and a half now, have plants and fish in the aquarium. I have a Tropica Plant Growth System 60 set up for co2 and a premium nutrition additive that contains iron to help with plant growth. The...
  7. T

    Lots of Aquatic Plant Questions

    Hi, I'm planning to start my first planted aquarium but I have alot of questions even after doing a week of research. I wanna make sure to do this right, so if anyone could answer some of these questions that would be great! 1. What hardy beginner plants can I tie on wood and rocks? Is there...
  8. T

    Can I just plop live plants into my gravel aquarium?

    Hi, I am re-doing my 55 gallon freshwater tank. I want to make it more "river looking" and more realistic this time. I have a gravel substrate and was thinking about adding some live plants. Can I just add them in? Are there only specific types I can add? Or do I need a different...
  9. K

    Aquarium plants

    Can any plant be poisonous to shrimp? I bought 3 new plants from an aquarium yesterday - they were in a tank with snails and shrimp already so there isn't a copper issue, but my shrimp this evening seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Here are my plants
  10. N

    Plants disintegrating / disappearing

    I have a Juwel Rio 125 litre (T5 lighting, I think; def not LED), “pimped” internal Jewel filter with 2kg of biogravel. Sand substrate over Tropica aquarium soil. . pH 7 - 7.5. Tap water source is hard (London) - DH14. Amonia, nitrate and nitrite levels all fine. Pond snails. No fish yet. The...
  11. preserveomelette

    Proper way to change substrate in an established tank?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm still relatively new to the hobby; I've had a 10 gallon tank for a betta for almost a year now. I believe I have a good understanding what it means to take adequate care for him, and he is still doing well. The tank is established and the water parameters...
  12. cmhassinger

    Best plants for Endlers and shrimp

    So I just got a new tank for Christmas which I’m super excited about it’s 5 gallons and I want to add live plants and driftwood. I have 2 Endlers, 1 Oto and 2 shrimp. What are the best plants to add? Also with planted plants how do you clean the gravel or do I need special substrate? maybe...
  13. Aynia

    Ph dropping significantly

    Hey all, We're beginning to run into a new problem. Over the past several weeks our ph has been slowly dropping, to where now it's about 6.8. A few weeks ago it was holding steady at about 7.6-7.8. I know that our fish prefer the lower ph so it isn't an issue at the moment, but we don't know...
  14. Aynia

    Planted Tank Advice?

    So as we're dealing with our 38gal, we're looking to get a second tank, possibly 65gal. We're kind of tired of gravel and want to switch to a planted tank with a sandy bottom. Right now the only plants we have in the 38gal gravel tank is two anubias plants and some moss balls. Other than that we...
  15. Ingrid

    Houseplants ?

    What is your must have houseplant ? Mine is Phalaenopsis ( the moth orchid)
  16. fishperson100

    Walstad Method

    Have any of you every tried the Walstad method? I was thinking about setting up some nano aquariums with shrimp and snails using this method, but I was wondering if any of you have tried it. Link explaining it -
  17. Jan Cavalieri

    What is the significance of a "potted plant"

    I order my fish and plants online. The plants are always in amazing perfect condition since they are pulled directly from the water and shipped 1-2 day shipping.. But some come in little pots (sometimes the pots are a basket, sometimes solid sides) while other just come loose in the bag...
  18. Ingrid

    Do you use fertiliser on your plants ?

    Do you need to use or do you use fertiliser on your plants ?
  19. Ingrid

    Plastic or real plants

    Do you use plastic or real plants in your aquarium or both ?
  20. Ingrid

    Plants that platties and guppies don't eat

    Are there any plants that guppies and platties can't eat or don't eat ? Any advice welcome