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  1. P

    Aqua One Acquience 1500r lighting

    Hello, I'm new here and have had a quick look round but am looking for advise on my lighting unit. My tank has two units and one has failed a couple of time (have replaced the ballast) but its gone again and I'm getting tired of changing it. A replacement unit is £160+, I wondered if anyone...
  2. L

    I need opinions on a good light!

    I am planning on planting my 20H gallon tank with beginner, low-light plants. I came across the Fluval Aquasky 2.0 and loved the convenience of just using my phone! I saw one website had it on sale from 104.99 to about 72.99. Will it be enough to support the growth of low-light plants?
  3. Tyler_Fishman

    Lighting question

    I have two 5000k LED bulbs together that hangs above my plants and a nano aquarium setup, combined do they give of 10000k's? Im not sure how it works, questions would help
  4. M

    Need some suggestions for plants and light for 10 gallon setup

    I have recently bought a 10 gallon all glass aquarium with a powerhead spongefilter and 6 kg gravel stones. I am thinking of keeping just a betta inside this tank and need some ideas for plants which are low maintainence and do not require a lot of fertilizers. I am currently cycling this tank...
  5. Tyler_Fishman

    Importance of LED's

    About a week ago I went to Home Depot to Pick up a few things, I had no luck growing my plants to their full potential, and creating a nice soothing white light that that is visually appealing in the day time. At home depot I picked up a Philodendron plant to go into my HOB filter and a set of...
  6. Tyler_Fishman

    CFL bulbs

    I have a 10 gallon, Im wondering if CFL bulbs are good enough to use for plants, I have a spiral CFL that reads 6500k on a clamp lamp fixture, I'm no expert on lighting at all. So I'm wondering if anyone could clarify if CFL bulbs are a good option Cheers!
  7. AlexJordan

    Looking for a new cover?

    Hello there! I had to recover my tank from the Algae Apocalypse of 2016, which was pretty dreadful, but now we're back up and running. I just did a little bit of replanting, but I was thinking about the lighting. About three years ago I got a 20" hood that fitted 4 T5 bulbs for my ten gallon...
  8. Fish Swim A Lot

    Beginner Coral Help?

    Hi! I'm new on here, I've been wanting to make an account for a while but just never got around to it, and I figured this question would be a good reason to make one! I have a 37G saltwater fish tank with only dry rock, but it just looks so ugly. I want some more life in it, and so I started to...
  9. Auratus

    Lighting suggestions (Beamswork?)

    Old timer here, joined about 15 years ago, haven't posted in about 6 years!!! Time flies :p I recently upgraded my 5ft 100 gallon to a 6ft 125 and I need new lighting. I'm wanting to switch to LED from T5 and I've read mixed reviews on Beamswork lights. I see a new 2016 release called the...
  10. C

    Lighting And Fertilizers For 20Gal

    I have one 18" fluorescent bulb on the tank right now. I would like my tank to have moderate lighting. I am thinking of either buying a dual fluorescent fixture or a LED fixture. Which would be the better choice? The tank is a 20 tall, so the lights would be about 17" from the substrate.   For...
  11. N

    Need Help Making Decision On Led Lighting...

    Hi everyone,    So I've just got a brand new tropical tank from ND Aquatics - 6ft x 2ft x 2ft and I'm currently getting all the gear together.    I've got everything sorted except for the lighting, I've spent night after night researching and have come to the conclusion that I need some help...
  12. S

    Lighting My 55 Gallon African Cichlid Tank

    I currently have a 55 gallon African cichlid tank and i am looking to get new bulbs for them. I don't know what I currently have in them. Unfortunately, they only hold a single florescent tube. At the moment I don't want to upgrade, so what would be the best bulb to replace the current ones with...
  13. cooledwhip

    Help Me Find A Dual T8 Fixture Please.

    I am looking for a dual T8 fixture for my 20g long aquarium. 6500K. Can anyone direct me to where I can buy one? I don't want to build my own. Thanks
  14. E

    Been A Few Weeks Things Have Settled Down

    hell again  well it has been awhile since i have posted and alot has happened. soooo where to start all my fish are settled in and enjoying life in the tank. i added some serpae tetras and another store called them black skirt tetras so idk???? that is one question. sitting watching these fish...
  15. E

    Light Recommendations For 6 Ft Tank

    I have a 120 gallon and will be starting my fishless cycle very soon. It's 72 inches across and I need some lights. I could get 3x 24inch lights, or 2x 36inch lights. I'm wondering if I should go LED or just stick to good old Florescent. I might have a few plants, but the plant needs will be...
  16. notg2009

    Plants Not Doing Well Or Are They?

    Hey everyone, I have a 29G  freshwater planted tank. I have been using a 24" 17watts T8 Florasun bulb by Zoomed (5000K) for the past month or so. I dose with Seachem Flourish, Flourish Excel, API leaf zone, and API root tabs per instructions.The tank is cycled and I dose with Seachem Stability...
  17. W

    Lighting Question

    Hey all, I recently got a light with a white light setting and a blue light setting. You can hook both of them up to a timer. I currently have the white light set for 7 hours and the blue light set for 9 hours (one extra hour on each side of the white light time)   Does anyone have suggestions...
  18. notg2009

    I Thought Lighting Would Fix The Problem!

    Hey everyone, I have a 29G Marineland planted tank. I used to use the stock LED unit but decided to upgrade to better lighting in order to get better plant quality. I dose with Seachem Flourish and Flourish Excel per bottle instructions.The tank is cycled and I dose with Seachem Stability when...
  19. McCool

    Tank Revival

    Haven't been on here in a while! I tore down the last of my tanks nearly... a year ago I think? Well, I bought a 20 gallon last night, since I can never stand to stay away from tanks for long. Not sure on what specific plants I plan on doing yet, but won't be doing anything that needs real high...
  20. squidsagirl420

    Lighting For 30Gal Hex Tank

    Had a question relating to lighting. I have a 35 gallon 25inch tall, 10inch hex. what would be a good hood and lighting for it? I like a lot of plants :) thank you! I do have the "top" but its not great... so a whole piece would be fine. but not necessary.  also, LED would be fine. I...