Can I Temporarily Use This Lighting?

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Nov 19, 2012
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Ok, so I have a 222litre tank on the way (possibly ready for collection this weekend). However the whole set-up (it's a vivarium and aquarium stand) is slowly reaching my budget. Thereby I need to begin to cut corners for now. Don't worry, the heater and filter etc. has not been scrimped on!

The problem I have is I was set on having Steves LEDs (Hi steve!
) but the price tag is no longer manageable. Thereby I'm considering some temporary lighting units, T8's / T5s whatever. I know T5s are better, but from a quick look T8s look better cost-wise :)

I plan on buying these:

Seem fit for my temporary purpose. However would this set-up be alright some medium-high light plants? I'm buying High LEDs from Steve in the future, however for now I'd like strip bulbs with similar strength/power whatever.

What do you recommend? I can't have my tank without light! I'd like for my tank to be up and running cycling, not waiting for me to have the lighting. I hope you understand:

Thanks! Any advice?
id recommend 2 starters running T5's and secondhand? alot cheaper, have a look at facebook groups or ebay

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