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  1. O

    Can anyone help me identify this fish?

    Hello good folks. Today I went to me local pet store and found this fish in one of the tanks. The employee didn’t know what kind of fish it was and did not have a price for it. I thought it looked cool so I bought it. I’d like to know what kind of fish it is so I know how large it will get and...
  2. T

    What fish should I get

    Hi I've just set up a new 25L aquarium. I've got a small 50w heater, which does the job for this tank size and an external 150L/h filter. I have some java Moss on the way to plant in on and around my small ornament. The ornament is hollow and a great hiding place for any fish. I want to get some...
  3. Cameronb_01

    Discus Fry Feeding

    Hi Guys, My discus have successfully spawned and created 20 wrigglers, (pic attached): I estimate they will be free swimming within around 24 hours. I just had a few questions regarding feeding. How much baby brine shrimp should I buy to feed them? How much should I give them per feed? How...
  4. driger8642

    What Type Of Fish Is This?

    I know this is a cory but which one? albino? spotted? etc.   Reason im asking is that I have 3 and need 1 more since 4 seems better.   The cories seem to be super active all the time, which I researched upon is normal for the beginning 1-2 months and then they just settle down at the bottom most...
  5. Cameronb_01

    Fish Breeding

    Hi, In my tank I have a range of fish, none of whom have previously bred, with the exception of lots of snails. However recently on the side of the tank lots of these things which I have attached a picture of which I think our eggs have popped up. Are they fish or snail eggs? IF so can you...
  6. D34DLY

    Stocking A 75 Gallon (291Litres) Tank

    Hey guys!   So I need help for stocking suggestions (those who had helped a few months ago may recognise me. I'm back again, but this time have a few measurements changed. :) )   Here is my tap water quality:    Anyway, I need some ideas on what fish I should stock. I would like a community...
  7. J

    Electric Blue Ram Help!

    I am currently in process of cycling my tank and was going to get electric blue rams and breed them but was looking into it and seems really hard just to get the water right I know the ph doesn't really matter aslong as its stable and in low 7's or 6's what I don't get is how I know if my water...
  8. J

    What Is Wrong With Him?

    What's wrong with my fish?
  9. M

    Your Favourite Fish To Watch?

    So I thought I would make a thread a bit different from all of the help and advice threads. What is your favourite fish to watch? Mine is Babel my rubber nose (bulldog) plec, he may be boring for most of his time in the tank, but when he's active he's really good to watch. Very fast, and I...
  10. D34DLY

    Can I Temporarily Use This Lighting?

    Ok, so I have a 222litre tank on the way (possibly ready for collection this weekend). However the whole set-up (it's a vivarium and aquarium stand) is slowly reaching my budget. Thereby I need to begin to cut corners for now. Don't worry, the heater and filter etc. has not been scrimped on...