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Lighting For 30Gal Hex Tank

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May 12, 2015
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Had a question relating to lighting. I have a 35 gallon 25inch tall, 10inch hex. what would be a good hood and lighting for it? I like a lot of plants :) thank you!
I do have the "top" but its not great... so a whole piece would be fine. but not necessary. 
also, LED would be fine. I just don't know what would be good enough.

You don't see many hex tanks nowadays, they're big on tall, rather than swimming space. It's a bit like putting a human into one very tall room, they're not generally keen on living there. As a result, stocking is limited.
For plants they can be great, as they allow stems and tall plants in a setting where they're usually difficult to grow, with a limited footprint.
As they're not common, hoods for them tend to be custom. I'm guessing it's an older tank and the hood has been parted from it over the years. The simple method would be a cut sheet of clear acrylic. Lighting can be a challenge as you can't fit much by way of things like florescent tubes over the small top. Lensed LED's can be good, with narrow lenses to punch to the depths.
Thanks. and yes, i do understand there isnt much space. Are there any small fish that do ok? I am more about the plants but do end up wanting some fishies :)
I may have to settle with a betta.. lol. or would a crayfish put up with it? Thanks for the response!
That fixture won't fit very well on top of that tank. It's a bit wide.
Betta's aren't ideal for that sort of tank, they're big on surface area and shallow, you've got the opposite.
Shrimp would work well. Crayfish put up with most things so long as the conditions are right, you've got access to far more species than I have on this side of the pond, so I've got limited experience.
Personally, I'd put a long piece of bog wood in that, with anubius, and mosses growing on it, with some lower light tall plants growing up the back, like a good old vallis. I'd light it with LED's lensed in a narrow angle to shine down into the tank. If desperate you could do well with an outdoor LED floodlight, but you've got to watch them for colour occasionally, as they can be a bit odd with colour rendition.
Yeah i was looking at that myself. I just already have the fixture. and half the bulbs i needed. I also found a lid/hood combo on amazon that seemed pretty good. I will figure it out. I just want to make sure whatever i put in there will be happy! I read that angel fish like taller tanks but i barely have 30 gallons which is their minimum... I just started considering a little dwarf puffer.... I like plants, they like plants.. they are 1inch long, so would probably be more than happy there.
I guess i have a bit of time to decide. lol
and thanks for info on the flood light.. didnt think about something like that. I think i have another hood that might work better. its a 14inch and i wanna say has one led strip of 6500k and a t5 bulb option... maybe two.
(we have several lizards) so had a few hoods from that trying to save money. they are pricy!

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