Light for a 5g with red plants

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Sep 22, 2021
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I want to make a small shrimp tank (5-10g) and I don't know what to do about lighting. I want to try some red plants and maybe dwarf lilys but the problem is that good lights are quite expensive where I live because there's pretty much just 1 seller for high tech equipment, so they make the prices as high as they can. I was thinking of a twinstar b-line 30B but it's as expensive as everything else that I need for the tank... Amazon is also a no go because the shipping price is almost as much as the light. I had 2 DIY ideas in mind: I found some lightbulbs to which you can change the temperature (2200-6500K)and color, each one having 800lm and they are dimable; the second idea is buying some LEDs that have all the necessary properties for aquarium planta and soldering them together. I really don't know what to do and I don't have the money to spend 200$ on a 5g aquarium :(

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