1. K

    I need help and advice about my new neon tetra tank!

    Hello all! Im new to this website so I hope I’m using it correctly ! This is going to be along post, but please take time to read it if you are experienced as I really need help. So I need some help and some advice about my new tank. I’ve been wanting to get into the hobby for a long time and...
  2. B

    Light for a 5g with red plants

    I want to make a small shrimp tank (5-10g) and I don't know what to do about lighting. I want to try some red plants and maybe dwarf lilys but the problem is that good lights are quite expensive where I live because there's pretty much just 1 seller for high tech equipment, so they make the...
  3. Mistymercer


    I am very new to the hobby, very under-educated and don't have a lot of money. When I took on this hobby (rehome a betta fish for a friend of mine) not realizing how little I REALLY new, how much it would cost and how much there is to learn! My dream tank is a freshwater tank with lots of...
  4. R

    Sand in Freshwater Aquariums??

    Hey! So I’m in the process of setting up my first tropical tank in probably 5 years and want sand as my substrate. I can only find two types of sand in my area: aragonite and builders sand. I’ve heard that aragonite sand causes the pH and calcium levels to go a bit nuts and that builders...
  5. BettaPonic

    Suggestions for Fish?

    I will be getting a 38 and a 29 gallon soon. I want the tanks to use to be understocked. I was thinking a fish that does well in a 20 gallon in the 38 gallon and 10 gallon fish for the 29 gallon. They would have to be able to handle a planted tank. I also don't want them to eat fry. I am a big...
  6. T

    First Tank

    Hi All,   This is more of a 'Hi' and introduction than anything else but please let me know if we are doing something wrong. So we have had a tank for about 6 months and now starting to put some more effort in and make the tank a bit more interesting. Recently made a switch from fairly...