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  1. B

    Best T5 or T8 for red plants

    Hey there! I want to put together a 5-10g shrimp tank with mostly red plants and I don't really know what light to put on it. I don't have that much money so I was thinking that maybe 1 or 2 T5 could work. I wanted to ask if there is a company that makes good bulbs or if I should just look for...
  2. B

    Light for a 5g with red plants

    I want to make a small shrimp tank (5-10g) and I don't know what to do about lighting. I want to try some red plants and maybe dwarf lilys but the problem is that good lights are quite expensive where I live because there's pretty much just 1 seller for high tech equipment, so they make the...
  3. shaziasadiqah

    Red plants care

    I have this 25gal community tank. i really like the red plants in there but i really don’t know much about caring red plants, do they need special fertilizer or lighting? now i use Tetra Initial Sticks and Tropica Fertilizer. I turn on the light 8 hours a day and add fertilizer once a week...