1. Ieesha99

    Planted tank

    3 weeks later 😍🌱
  2. Ieesha99

    Planted aquarium 🌱

    My first planted aquarium 😆
  3. V

    Help please

    I rinsed the dirt before putting it in and it sat in the tank for a day till I started aqua scaping. I put plastic over the substrate to hopefully not disturb but my fear came true and I created mud.
  4. V

    What plants will take over a tank?

    It kind of sucks to keep buying stationary plants that don't grow out to make a tank look more planted. I'm new to live plants, but I want more than stacking up on plants like java fern, amazon sword, and anubias. I want plants that you don't have to buy a lot of to make a tank look adequately...
  5. reptilenotfish

    UNS 5n, dry start method

    setting up a uns 5n (4.6 gal) just got done with the hardscape, getting the tank and equipment on monday/tuesday I looked but couldn't find much on a tetra/rasbora/danio that wouldn't have a problem with this sized tank, so any suggestions welcome, will probably get shrimp though.
  6. reptilenotfish

    Advice on scaping?

    any advice on planting or hardscape? species: - hygrophila polysperma 'tiger' - staurogyne repens - dwarf sagittaria - java fern - anubias nana - pogostemon i have since removed the moss thanks!
  7. April_ht

    Online Stores Australia

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not I'm sorry, but does anybody know of any good quality online stores to buy from in Australia that sell a range of live plants or aquascaping supplies including rock, driftwood, backgrounds etc? I can't go out yet due to lockdown and...
  8. KatNor21

    How does one afford this hobby??

    Let's be real for a second. 😂 How do you afford this hobby? I'm a beginner, as in, less than 6 months into it. I have 3 tanks and enjoy aquascaping and fishkeeping, but I've spent SOOO much money. Like, hundreds and hundreds. To make matters worse, practically every time I run into a problem and...
  9. Barry Tetra

    Aquascaping styles and fish welfare?

    Hello, everyone! Today I need an opinion on differents aquascaping styles and welfare of fishes, as a lot of you might already know that I have an Iwagumi set up (kinda fail and infested in algae and snails) and after I added cardinal tetra in the tank I feel like it’s not for them as there are...
  10. ellamay

    Substrate advice

    Hello! I'm new to fish keeping and have been doing my research for a couple of months. Got my tank ordered & done water checks. I'm after a bit of advice about what substrate is best for aquascaping as I'm very interested in this, but I'll also be getting some corydoras so I'll also need...
  11. ellamay

    Beginner tips?

    I’m really interested in aquascaping but I’ve also read a lot of different opinions on what substrate corys need so I’m wondering if there’s something that would work well for my plants AND corys? Do fertilisers for the plants affect the fish in any way? What fertilisers are best? Do I need...
  12. Ellie Potts

    20 gallon aquascaping

    I just posted about my 55 gallon, so may as well ask about my 20 long. I'm not as concerned about this tank as it's currently being used as a backup/quarantine tank, but it would be nice to have it looking good. Any advice? Preferably beginner friendly advice Plants: Java moss, java fern...
  13. Ellie Potts

    How to make this look good...

    This is my 55 gallon aquarium and I'd really like it to be a heavily planted tank but I'm not sure how to improve on it. The bottom is really hectic but the middle is just empty. Because it's a standard 55, it's really tall and it's hard to buy plants (or reasonably priced decor) that are of...
  14. Balticbob


    Hi all I've just started Aquascaping my 260litre aquarium and I'd like to know if I'm going in the right direction with this? Any tips or ideas greatly appreciated.
  15. L

    Moss ball taking Over

    HI I ripped my boss ball and stuck on my rocks. Now they have breeded and taken over all the rocks. They are soo overgrown and out of control. Any way I can control this please.
  16. Quin

    Tank idea step 1

    I'm probably not going to change Hank's tank very much, if at all, until quarantine is over. That being said I'm definitely not satisfied with how it looks, and I'd love to fix it up for him. I want to fully render my plans for his tank, but in order to do that I need to know what they are. Step...
  17. Barry Tetra

    What should I add next?

    Hello TFF, I need help with aquascaping with this tank. This tank is 65 Gals includes 3 discuses, an angelfish and 2 silver dollars and 2 small tinfoil barbs (which my friend just put it in a tank while im not home months ago ugh...) Also is there anyway to make filter tube not visible?
  18. S

    Any idea what this is?? Found in my aquarium today.

  19. Barry Tetra

    Help with aquascaping

    I just bought a lot of plant, can any one help so it doesnt look that ugly. (Anubias on the left is white because the glue bottle is leak so...) @PheonixKingZ @essjay @seangee
  20. grymeths

    Getting a new tank and need a second opinion

    Hello fellow fishkeepers! This is going to be a long post so please bear with me! I am new to fishkeeping - used to have them when i was younger but wasn't really paying attention, and was just reintroduced into this world again a few weeks ago! Unfortunately i currently only have a 5 gallon...