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  1. Nells250

    Anyone have experience with Cardinal Plants?

    HI folks I was browsing the various aquatic plant seller websites and was surprised to see Cardinal Flower (lobelia) listed for sale as an aquarium plant. (I have tried to grow the garden variety for a few years now, with limited results) Does anyone know if the two varieties are actually the...
  2. PumpKineTick

    Plant Matter Clogging Filter Intake

    Greetings, The fallen off plant matter of my pothos frequently clogs my filter intake by getting stuck on the mesh. I have removed it every time, although I had to fight my way to it, as my male jaguar cichlid is quite ferocious and attacks any intruder. I would like to have a definitive...
  3. ella777

    Plant advice?

    I'm worried. I've just got a 200l tank and I have no idea what to plant in it. I want plants that dont need co2, easy and shrimp & snail safe. I've got a list of plants I would really love to own Cryptocoryne Wendtii Cryptocoryne Willisii Cryptocoryne Beckettii Java Moss Ceratophyllum Demersum...
  4. M

    Algae in new tank & plant issue

    I’m in the process of cycling my new tank and I now have algae growing. Am I doing something wrong? How can I stop it? Also I’m unsure if this plant is dying and what I should do. My other plants are thriving
  5. Koenator

    Did I plant everything right?

    Hi, I just started my first ever planted tank. It’s a 30gal, I got everything including tank, filter, LED hood, 100w heater and gravel on the side of the road for free. The only things I have bought so far are the fish which I owned previously in another established tank, and the sand. I say...
  6. Koenator

    What kind of moss is this?

    I recently acquired some moss from a local creek I visited. I put it in a small jar to wait for all the parasites to die out (probably for too long, the discoloration hopefully doesn’t mean it will die soon), and everything i saw in the jar has died so I took the moss out and washed it...
  7. Tl52505

    Rocks turning colors

    I just noticed these weird spots on a plant in my betta tank, and the dragon stone is turning a grayish blue, it used to be all tan. What could be going on, and could it be harmful to the fish
  8. G

    Selling Freshwater Rocks, Plants, and Essentials

    Rocks with bacteria - $7 each Various Plants ($ depends on the plant) - SOLD Driftwood - $15 Heater - $20 Pinguin 350 Filter - $45 Filter Media - $4 each Air Stone - $6 - SOLD Air Pump - $17
  9. outofwater

    Plant ID, all long filaments

    Hi everyone, When I was setting up my tank I saw this floating plant at the LFS and liked how it looked. The guy couldn't tell me what it was. It came with a fake plastic ludwigia that works as an "anchor" for it. I'd like to know what it is, I actually haven't seen it in any of the "big...
  10. G

    Black sand for Corydoras and Plants?

    I'm currently setting up a low tech 55g aquarium and I'm having trouble with the substrate. To cut to the chase, I'm looking for a black sand that won't be harsh on the cories and other bottom dwellers, but will also be a practical substrate for plants without too much extra care. I've heard...
  11. D

    Planted fish tank tips for 60 gallon?

    Hey guys, I’ve recently gotten a 60 gallon fish tank, starting to do a cycle, and for this tank I’ve decided I want to try live plants. big step for me definitely as it is my first ever try. I want to go with the low maintenance ones so I was thinking Java fern, Anubias, anubias petite, moss...
  12. R

    What kind of plant is this?

    Does anyone know what kind of plant this is? I had one in my old fish tank years ago. Would love the name of it. This is a photo of it. Thank you
  13. bettafishlover86

    What type of plant is this?

    A friend gave me this plant a few weeks back. Does anybody know what type of plant it is?
  14. crupp29

    Plant Identification

    I just bought a couple of plants from my LFS and need help identifying them.
  15. C

    Rotten (?) aquarium plants

    I've just gotten an aquarium around 15 days ago and I've plucked a few plants in there since the beginning. Some of them are fine, but others aren't. I was initially hoping that the "rotten" plants might cure themselves after some period of time, but I didn't see any improvements (at least it...
  16. 3

    Little holes in my plant

    Hey their just wanting to know what would be causing this bought from a private seller a couple days ago have been dosing liquid co2 as well as flourish. The plant is a Hygrophila.
  17. Brad G

    What is this plant?

    I’ve been trying to remember what this plant is. I bought it a month ago and can not remember. I’ve been looking up everything I can think of with no luck. If anyone has an idea please help ?
  18. hurgerburger

    plant i can’t id

    I got a new 5 gal planted tank for my choir class’s pet betta fish, and i got this plant thinking it was an Anacharis, but after cross referencing a photo I found online with the plant that’s in my tank, I realized I had gotten the wrong plant, and I can’t find a picture of this plant anywhere...
  19. Ellie Potts

    What am I doing wrong?!?!

    I have a 55 gallon aquarium kept at ~78-80 Degrees F on a 12 hour light cycle with multiple root tabs but no water fertilizer. The aquarium isn't fully cycled yet. My Duckweed and Anubias plants are doing great... but my Java Fern, Monte Carlo, and some other plant that I got at Petco are not...
  20. Gemmsy

    Plant identification and care?

    Hi all, Looking to improve my plant health, thought the best way to start would be to get some help in identifying each. Water tests show co2 levels are good, light is adequate for easy-care plants, nitrates hover between 10-15 before water changes. I’ve ordered some flourish root tabs in case...