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  1. Gemmsy

    Plant identification and care?

    Hi all, Looking to improve my plant health, thought the best way to start would be to get some help in identifying each. Water tests show co2 levels are good, light is adequate for easy-care plants, nitrates hover between 10-15 before water changes. I’ve ordered some flourish root tabs in case...
  2. Barry Tetra

    Carpet plants recommended for gravel substrate?

    Hello, I was wondering if there any carpet plants (grass or moss) for gravel substrate?
  3. Barry Tetra

    I don't have green thumbs!

    What happens to my plants, why are they all rotting and melting? Water lettuce... Elodea... Java Fern....
  4. JamieTYV

    What is causing my plant to disintegrate?

    Hi all, Long time lurker here, finally joined up! I have 3 tanks (2 X tropical and one cold water). One of my tropical tanks is semi-planted (mixture of live and silk plants - seems to keep my Betta happy!) But recently one of my plants has started to "disintegrate" (but only on one leaf so...
  5. Guyb93

    Easy starter plants

    Hi all I have finally got the stocking I feel is ok I have a 4ft 70g and stock 4 electric blue acara 2 convicts and a leopard Sailfin pleco Be honest thinking about adding another pair of eba ... maybe , but all my plants are plastic , looks ok but we would all love to scrap the plastic and go...
  6. N

    Small bug on frogbit

    I got frogbit plants from a local fish keeper. 1 week After putting them in my tank, I noticed small tick like bugs on top of the frogbits. They have spread to every frogbit and Lilly pad I have in the aquarium! I asked the person who gave it to me and he said he grows those frogbits in a...
  7. newmag1659

    Best light for 10 gallon planted tank?

    Hi! I'm starting up my second tank, a 10 gallon, and the lights that come with it are terrible. I have some low light hornwort and amazon swords, but I'm going to be adding some medium-light plants in next week. I'm a college student, so I don't want to spend a ton, I'm gonna say no more than...
  8. Meg0000

    Best moss

    Hi I would like to know what is the best moss to use on wood and wich grow faster without co2. I only have two options : spiky moss or java moss. Are they so expensive where you live? I was shock when I saw that my LFS sold moss for 12$ just for a very small portion but maybe it is even more...
  9. Barry Tetra

    Can you ID plants in this tank

    This is the QT tank I got from a friend. Can you ID the plants in this tank? 1 of them is Java fern. I dont know if the hairy one is guppy grass or arachanis
  10. Meg0000

    what kind of plant?

    Hi I have 5 type of plant in my aquarium but there are two that I don't know the name so I would like some help to identify them. Here is the picture : also has anyone tried roobios tea in their tank because I would like to try it for the black water look? What are the benefit of black water?
  11. Annemarie

    Holes in Ludwigia

    Hello! I’ve had three stems of Ludwigia repens in my 29g for 8 months now and they’ve grown great. Of course the low lighting has made the lower leaves fall but I don’t mind it much. Recently though I’ve noticed tons of holes in most of the newer leaves of my stems along with many of the leaves...
  12. Barry Tetra

    Plant for betta tank

    i have 5 gallons tank and want tips and tricks or suggestion about plants to put in there/ substrate.
  13. Goosegrl2019

    Moss balls & parasites

    I just got 2 Marimo moss balls because they r beautiful & low maintenance live plants. I have no other live plants in my tank so I'm hoping these work out. Currently they r washed & put in a jar for a couple weeks because I'm paranoid to put them in my tank with my fish. I was wondering if...
  14. Ama

    Worms in aquarium

    I've planted an unknown grass into my old 1 gallon aquarium for an experiment It was used as a hospital tank before Then yesterday i found some white tiny worms in it... Like a lot of. Currently there isn't any fish in that Aquarium But my concern is,Is that harmful for fish? And what kind of...
  15. B

    55 gallon growing lights

    What brand would you recommend for a 55 gallon tank? I’m planting a high light tank and can’t decode what lighting to use. It could be LED or a T5 or whatever else. I could even do two lights if necessary but would prefer just one strong one. Need something that could keep the color on red...
  16. S

    Snail surprise in my tank

    I recently set up a tank. It has amazon sword, java fern and a plant that looks like cryptocotyne species. But now i started seeing snail's in my tank. I didn't put them in the tank. They just appeared. First there was one but now i see five. Since I have live plants in my tank so I am afraid...
  17. G

    Is this plant substrate legit?

    Found this nutrient soil at a really cheap prize but can't find any info on it online. Anyone knows if this is legit? I don't expect it to be as good as the more expensive brands, but if it's better than nothing.. I'm planning on placing it beneath the sand. This is what it says in the...
  18. T

    established aquarium problems?

    hello all, I have been having a problem with very high ammonia all the time in the 8ppm range. i have done 50% water changes every other day for 2 weeks and I cannot get the levels to get past about 6ppm. I don't have any dying plants or fish. fish are acting normal and plants are thriving. i...
  19. S

    Happy Tanks

    ok so I’m new here. We all need help from time to time ..... this is why I sought out a forum in the first place, was for advice. On the flip side .... I would like to see everyone’s happy fish, your proud moments, your aquascapes, your monumental centrepiece fish, anything like that. Something...
  20. F

    Looking for ideas to stock my tank!

    I am looking particularly for a freshwater, tropical schooling fish! But I am up for suggestions! Tank size: 30gallons Tank Dimensions (give or take an inch!) : 25 inches long, 15in tall, 13 in wide Substrate= sand, with a couple of marbles on top Two sponge filters: one that's meant for a 10...