20H Bubble Coral Tank


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Jan 23, 2021
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Set up a 20 high tank today with the intention of making it into a bubble coral tank. Going to add some porcelain crabs, goby and a possum wrasse in a month or two.

I have a Fluval 107 set up for filtration, two live rocks (about 6 pounds worth) and a Sicce Voyager 1000 circulation pump. Also have a Nicrew 24 watt marine light.

I had a bubble coral and it was thriving before we merged our saltwater tanks, unfortunately it didn't make the merge. I also have a Duncan coral that is constantly being harassed by my sister's clownfish Percy. So the Duncan coral will also go into the 20H on some live rock.

In a month or so I will add one or two bubble coral to the tank and would like to add some porcelain crabs, a possum wrasse and a goby (Hector, Jester or Red hat).

Here is what it looks right now as I am waiting for the sand to be filtered through and settle. The open space is for the bubble coral and the live rock will be for the Duncan and possibly some other corals like a mushroom or maybe a leather. Bubble Coral are aggressive to other coral species but not themselves so keeping a group of 2-3 (depending on their size) should be okay.



Here is the Duncan. The white part on the coral is where the polyps recently died from the clownfish stress. Hoping without the harassment the remaining heads will be okay.
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