Oceanfree 96L nano tank project and questions


May 9, 2023
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Perth, Australia
The local LFS in O'Connor has recommended me the Oceanfree 96L nano tank (60cm l 40cm h 40cm d) starter kit instead of the petworx nano mega 90L tank because the petworx tank does not have good lighting for corals and have bad filtration (only suitable for freshwater). Even though I don't like tanks with curves, it may be the best option for me. I may use it for a future project, presumably after I have moved out of my childhood home, which I'm not ready to do so, but still need some help and learning to do beforehand. When I'm ready to do a saltwater tank (it may take years and expertise), I will try my best to take care of it. I did research before I'm ready to do so. It can be hard at first, but at the end, you might make it through.

Here is the link from Ocean Reefs Aquariums from Wanneroo:

So, if the project will be underway, I will put the following livestock:

Pair: designer clownfish
1 firefish goby
2 cleaner shrimp
Some peaceful, beginner-friendly corals


Is the tank suitable for the livestock mentioned? Do I need special equipment for the tank? Should I build a cabinet for the tank? What sand and rock is suitable for this project? How do I make the tank better for the fish and inverts? Should I use RO saltwater or seawater?

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