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  • I know I’m a bit late, but thanks for everything, Nick! Your tank setups were always a delight to follow, and you provided some of the best advice. I can only hope you return some day.
    Will miss you, Nick. Always had interesting threads and were willing to share your knowledge. Hope maybe one day you might come back.
    Nick, I want you to know how much I learned from reading your thoughtful posts. My Betta is doing extraordinarily well and is a beneficiary of your knowledge and advice.
    Thanks so much.
    On no! Disaster has struck! My bettas, who were peaceful together up until now, have been fighting while I was gone!! Two are injured and one, my favorite, the cutest little betta, is DEAD!!! I guess you were right after all. :( :( :(
    Hi Nick... Hope your doing chipper. I posted in the wrong place, because I couldn't find the dmercy forum. I lut it in the newbie intro. How can I move this post please. My male Betta is still sick. thanks good man.
    Today I bought 3 molly fish. 1 of them is pregnant. I got them home and put them in the tank and now she is acting weird. She is laying on the bottom on her side and refuses to move. She's breathing but I'm worried. Any idea on what's going on? I'm a new fish owner so I have no idea.
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