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  1. G

    Culling mixed neocaridina shrimp

    Hi, I have a tank with mixed neocaridina shrimp. I know most people don’t like when they are mixed, but for me it’s not about breeding them, it’s about having several different colors in the same tank, I find that so much fun. I have seen though that several of the babies are brown or clear...
  2. K

    Amano shrimp acting strange

    Hi! Have had my tropical tank for 6 months now. I keep amanos in here as well as a few fish. I have noticed tonight that he is acting really strange. He shed his shell this morning but he is sort of lay around twitching and lying on his side/back. Is he going to die? ☹☹ he will get up every...
  3. Davit Gogoladze

    Nano tank with shrimps

    Hello! This is my nano tank (3months) 45x28x30cm ELU aqua soil 2x 5w 6500k led (8h) filter aquael versamax fzn-1 Bucephalandra Anubias barteri var. nana glossostigma elatinoides Hemianthus micranthemoides Christmas Moss Heterandria formosa 10+ shrimps neocaridina 20+ CO2 JBL Ferropol JBL...
  4. Spen2cer

    Shrimp questions

    I’m not new to the hobby, more to this genre of the hobby. My tank has been cycling for a few weeks now, and the waiting game is on. My LFS has a bunch of varieties of shrimp, so I’m considering red cherries, red/blue rilis, oranges, and yellows. They are all in a similar price range ($3-$5...
  5. G

    Do You Have This Tank?

    if anyone has this tank please comment and quote this post telling me what u have in the tank and what the filtration is thanks guppyguy1234.