DIY 3D Background Question

Quikrete , DryLok or Polyfila Tile Grout

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Jul 21, 2017
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Whats shakin bacon?? I'm new to the forums and plan on probably being active and posting pictures and what not.

I'm not new to the hobby but new to the DIY category. Not sure if this is the place to ask as I browsed the forum topics and couldn't find the appropriate one to post in.

As the title says I'm doing a 3D Background for my 90Gallon. I'm using Polystyrene/styrofoam as the base for it.

I know all the steps, and how some people use Quikrete and some use DryLok. I'm here about a different product that gives the same look and texture. I have built two backgrounds for reptiles using Polyfila Tile Grout, I'm wondering if I am able to use the same stuff for this? It's fairly easy to spread and I'm familiar with it.

Any suggestions as to what to use and how to go about doing this to get a nice dark black effect and sealing it without causing any problems in the long run will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time, Ben