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  1. E

    DIY Cement Background won't stop raising tank pH

    In mid-January I finished a diy aquarium background using this tutorial. It's a 30 gallon tank, but the background only goes up halfway so I only need about 20 gallons of water to cover it completely. For two weeks, I did 100% water changes every one or two days. Within less than 24 hours, the...
  2. Tool13x

    DIY cement 3D background curing advice

    I have just recently attempted a DIY 3D background made from polystyrene and coated in cement, basically the same idea as you see here from the King of DIY. The construction went well and I am in the curing process but I am on week 6 and the pH is still rising. I let the cement cure for a few...
  3. Gebus

    3D Background Question

    As the title says I'm doing a 3D Background for my 90Gallon. I'm using Polystyrene/styrofoam as the base for it. I know all the steps, and how some people use Quikrete and some use DryLok. I'm here about a different product that gives the same look and texture. I have built two backgrounds for...
  4. Gebus

    DIY 3D Background Question

    Whats shakin bacon?? I'm new to the forums and plan on probably being active and posting pictures and what not. I'm not new to the hobby but new to the DIY category. Not sure if this is the place to ask as I browsed the forum topics and couldn't find the appropriate one to post in. As the...
  5. james_fish

    3D Background

    Hi all,   I'm doing a little revamp of my tank and I'm interested in investing in a 3D background ,   Where's the best place to get one from, and what should I be looking at paying?? (£)    The dimensions will need to be 100cm(l) x 45cm(h). The tank will have South American Cichlids in it  ...
  6. V

    5ft Tank With 3d Background For Sale

    5 ft tank with grey cabinet stand 3 d background custom built by aqua maniac External jebo filter Gravel sand few plants rock Nets pipes etc £250 Tel 07813 834331