1. OliveFish05

    5 gallon betta biotope journal

    Hello! I am getting started on a relatively loose biotope for a male betta. Here is my plan so far Tank - 5 gallon rimless tank - 16x8 inches Aqueon Nano planted tank light Stock - 1 male betta splendens Plants - Crypts (2) Water sprite vals Willow hygro dwarf Pennywort bamboo pothos i may...
  2. smurfyy_2k3

    My 350l(ish) marine tank build

    Hello new salt water friends.. Some of the forum may know that I've kept fish now since I was 16, and salt water has always terrified the life out of me. I kept threatening to get a marine tank and honestly have had it in my head now for a little over a year. T'other day I was perusing...
  3. M

    Mile’s build 20 long thread

    Hi! It’s been a while since I posted, and recently I got a new 20 long. Right now only have some of the stuff, but I’ll be updating this thread as I get more stuff. Right now I have: an aqueon 20 gallon long an aqueon quite flow filter an aqueon 30 inch deluxe hood an Imagitarium Brooklyn 29...
  4. J

    Building an Acrylic Tank

    I'm considering my own DIY Acrylic Tank build. It will only be a small cube-shaped tank possibly 15 by 13 inches in area and 13" in height. These are the choices of Acrylic I have here in the UK and I am just wondering which you believe would be the better option to go for? The prices are per...
  5. M

    Help! Need advise for tank idea

    Hello everyone! I am in need of some advice. I am new to this forum as a member, but have read some helpful threads in the past, so I thought, what better place to ask :) So, I currently have a 55 us gallon fish tank that currently houses 6 goldfish (1 Common Comet, 1 Sarasa Comet, 1...
  6. RRaquariums

    73 gallon Vietnamese hillstream tank build

    Just a heads up it's a long post. You have been warned. It's been a while since I last posted on here or even got on at all let alone started a new fish tank. Been about 1 1/2 years since I last posted and in that time I had my 220 gallon reef tank which was a great success but ultimately I made...
  7. RRaquariums

    90 Gallon Reef Cube.
  8. RRaquariums

    How I'm Building My Refugium.

    I have a journal about my new 230 gallon reef build and I have pics of my whole sump and build there but I wanted to make a separate thread for the refugium because it's not only a big part of why I made my sump the way I did but also something a lot of people getting into the saltwater side and...
  9. msebar

    My 180 Gallon (681 Liters) Build From Start To Finish

    Here is the location where my new adventure starts.  
  10. J

    Building A Glass Tank!

    I am going to try and build my own glass tank I am getting the glass for free of 2 relatives who are window fitters and are giveing me glass that would just be thrown away I know the size of the tank depends on the thickness of the glass but does anyone have any tips on building a glass tank as...
  11. SamB

    29 Gallon Tank Stand Build

    I'm thinking this is the right place for this?   I have already made a hood for my 29 gallon tank, and its piddly metal stand has been making me nervous, so I decided just to go all in and make the stand. Since I live in a smaller apartment, I have no work area and needed Home Depot to cut the...