Free Java Fern Aquarium Plants to give away in West Cumbria


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Apr 30, 2017
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We are running our home aquarium down and hoping to move it on, with the arrival of 2 children the poor tank sadly does not get the attention it used to. We have re-homed the fish, but we do have a selection of live Java Fern plants that are available to anyone interested. Also there are tank decorations which include large white stones, slate, bog wood and morpani wood. There are also a couple of plant pots which we used for hiding places for the fish.

We are hoping to have the tank emptied and cleaned before advertising to sell, anyone interested please get in touch it is a Fluval Roma 240l 4ft tank with Fluval 305 integrated filter system. Here are specific details as per forum rules:

Age and condition: Good condition, 5-6 years old
Quantity for sale: 1 tank plus 1 filter system
Reason for Sale: Children!
Delivery or Collection: Delivery possible locally, collection welcome
Sales price: £225
Willing to Ship (Yes or No): At buyers discretion - please contact first
Postage & Packaging Price: Contact first please
General Location: Workington, Cumbria

Thanks for looking

Wayne Pearson


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