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  1. S

    Free tank and fish to give away!

    Hi everyone, Need some help ASAP if at all possible! Sadly, my Mum passed away earlier this year. She left behind a decent sized tank with a few tetras and other tropical fish. I haven’t lived at home with her for a while but my brother still lived with her, however, he has no intention of...
  2. Salt

    Purple Cow thread

    Please disregard,
  3. Commun_Al

    4x Black Neons & 2x Amano Shrimp (Free to a good home) (Glasgow Area)

    Hey guys, I am about to move a very long way and the best thing to do seems to be to re-home the small number of resident from my planted nano. Rather than put them through that (if I even could across borders). There are 4x Black neons and 2x Amano shrimp. Little bit out of the way up here...
  4. F

    Help! Need to rehome 9 goldfish. Brighton

    ***UPDATE: Maidenhead Aquatics in the Marina have agreed to take them ❤️*** Hi there, Apologies for registering just to post a classified ad, I understand this is not too popular but you guys were recommended to me as the best starting point. I am trying to rehome 9 (I think!) lovely goldfish...
  5. A

    Give Away in Charlotte area

    We were ill-advised and purchased a pink tailed chalceus, and due to tank size, need to rehome it. Anyone interested in the nearby area?
  6. A

    Free fish -Chelmsford, Essex

    Hi all, can’t seem to log into my main account (Ava_Banana), however I’m shutting down my “thin” tank and have a last few fish that need a new home: these are FREE: no charge, but all to go together. 1 x Golden Bristlenose 3.5 inches 1 x Red-finned shark 4 inches 1 x Clown Loach 3.5 inches 1...
  7. K

    For free to a good home - Opaline Gourami

    Hi guys im under 1 year in the Fish game, i have matured my tank nicely but now have realised that due to my eager stocking of fish, i have housed my opaline gourami with Rams and there not getting on great, but i can live with that its more to do with my little guys CPD and Tetras, who...
  8. J

    Free Male Kribinsis

    I have a healthy male Kribinsis that I no longer want… I’m looking to start a new tank with live bearing fish only… It is free to anyone who can give it a good home and lives within a 20 mile radius of Woodstock New York. My name is John and my number is 914-388-1489
  9. Verminator89

    Dwarf Chain Loach

    Livestock: Dwarf Chain Loach Quantity: 10 Reason for sale: Too small to go into my upgraded 7x2x2 with the newer bigger cichlids inhabiting. Location: Coventry, West Midlands Collection ONLY. I will not be faffing about with posting i'm afraid. Price £50 for the group. Reasonably priced I'd say...
  10. E

    Hampshire - Free Platy Fry (Red/Orange Wagtail x Blue Tuxedo)

    I've got about 10ish Platy fry going for free. I cannot support them and need them gone ASAP. Varying ages of about 4 weeks to 12 weeks. I'm in the Southampton area, but willing to drive within the area to deliver. Can also collect.
  11. B

    Looking for free aquarium plants.

    Hello, I am interested in taking in some aquarium plants is anyone is giving away, overstocked, or selling in Chula Vista, CA. Please message me.
  12. T

    20cm common Pleco free to good home

    My mother lives in South Yorkshire and she has had a Pleco for about 5 years. He has outgrown his tank and he really needs a new home with a bit more space. I'm be a expert, but he seems healthy and a beautiful creature. I would be very grateful if somebody is able to take him.
  13. G

    FREE 10 Gallon tank brand new- Chicago

    My kids gave up having a fish after only 2 months into it. We are giving away the tank and all equipment for free. You just have to come pick it up. Please call 312-493-0780 if you are interested.
  14. S

    Free Java Fern Aquarium Plants to give away in West Cumbria

    Hi We are running our home aquarium down and hoping to move it on, with the arrival of 2 children the poor tank sadly does not get the attention it used to. We have re-homed the fish, but we do have a selection of live Java Fern plants that are available to anyone interested. Also there are...
  15. R

    Free Tropical Fish & Tank 4' X 18" 12" - Swindon Sn4

    Tropical Fish & 4’ Tank FREE to Good Home ·       One mature male angel fish - black with orange markings ·       Four tetras (possibly black widow, silver with black markings) ·       Two bristlenose catfish half-grown ·       Two adult brownish corydoras with orange fins ·       Three...
  16. M

    New Fish Tanks

    Hi i'm Alex I already have two tanks and I am looking to buy a good large or medium sized tank we are talking from 20Lto 60L does anyone know a website were I can get good cheap and good quality fish tanks from. Really cheap filters and equipment at low prices. Preferably an English company or...
  17. S

    Free To Good Home 2X Angels, Corys, F Fox, 1X Bns Catfish...essex

    Hi I am reluctantly finishing fishkeeping and have a number of fish that I would very much like to go to a good home. I just do not have the time to look after them as they deserve to be anymore. Currently in a 260 litre tank I do not want them going to an lfs or small tank. Free to a good...
  18. B

    Free To Good Home Nr Loughborough - 3 Silver Dollars, 3 Hemiodus, 1 Ti

    Breaking down tank as we're moving soon and there isn't room for the tank at the new place.   We want to give the fish away to a good home. Collection only. Fish approx. 4 years old, silver dollars are approx. 3-4 inches.   email: [email protected]
  19. tenohfive

    Free Tanks

    Equipment make/model/size: 125L / 85L / 35L tanks Reason for Sale: clearing space Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: FREE Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Luton, Beds   Need some room in my garage and I don't have the patience to sell them, so anyone who wants to take them off my...
  20. mbsqw1d

    1 X Zebra Loach. Free. Chester Location

    Livestock:   1 x Zebra Loach (Botia Stratia) approx 2 years old. Very healthy condition. Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Territorial fish, has started to bully my Corydoras Delivery or Collection: Collection from CH1 Sales price: Free Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Chester, City...