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We're winding up another great year here on Tropical Fish Forums. The holidays are coming and we at TFF are going to celebrate in style.

Fishforums.net is proud to announce our 2022 TANK OF THE YEAR TOURNAMENT. We had 12 top notch winners over the last 12 months in our Tank of the Month Contests. We need your help to decide which tank is the best of the best! We are asking all members to vote for the tank that you feel deserves the title of 2022 TANK OF THE YEAR.

Prizes will be Amazon Gift Certificates
1st place will be awarded $100
2nd place will be awarded $50
3rd place will be awarded $25

This poll will close at 12 PM (US) EST on Sunday January 1st, 2023. Please do your part and cast your vote for 2022 TANK OF THE YEAR!

Please view all 12 entries before voting. Then go to the poll at the top of this thread, click on your choice and then click the cast button. No comments about specific entries are allowed. Fishforums.net thanks you for your participation in our contests.

Entrants, please note:
Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. You are allowed to vote for yourself (some do some don’t). This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed. Our goal is to have an honest and fair poll for all participants.

You are allowed to change your vote if you wish.

Good luck to our 12 entrants. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all our fine members.

JuiceBox52 - January 2022 TOTM

This is my low tech planted 20 gallon. Ignore the weird reflection and the bad pic lol.
I've had this tank for a little over a year and half, the plants I don't remember some of them, I know there is anubias, lace Java fern and salvinia natans. There's a couple others, and one or two sword plants if some type in the back.
Inhabitants include: 8-10 neon tetras, 2 rescued glow light tetras, and 6 rescued zebra danios, which will soon be moving to a longer tank with more swimming room. There are also a couple cherry shrimp in there somewhere.
I got this tank for free, and the entire time I've had it, since the first day, I've been battling cyanobacteria, I had it almost under control when I left for vacation, we will see what's become of it when I get back!

I'm not sure what the lighting is, it's on for about 8 hours a day. I don't use fertilizer. The water temp is 78°f and it gets (almost) weekly 50-70% water changes :)

AquaBarb - February 2022 TOTM

The tank is a Juwel Rio 450 (125 gallon) (W151xD51xH66cm)
Play sand
River rocks/pebbles
Amazon Swords
Water sprite
Ceratopteris Corntuna
(Plants Fed with root tabs and seachem flourish)
*Water Parameters:
Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0
: 10ppm
PH: 7.4
GH: 9 gdh
KH: 7
50% once a week plus a 25% spot clean mid week.
Aqueal Ultramax 2000 /fluval 405 cainster filters, 2 x fluval E300 heaters, 2 x 6500k T5 nature leds, Eheim air pump
Denison,Odessa,Rosy,Black Ruby
Bottom dwellers
Hoplo Catfish,Pictus Catfish,King Tiger Pleco

Thank you for looking and good luck to everyone 🙂

- March 2022 TOTM

This is my attempt at a Iwagumi Tank. It is 10 gallons and houses 3 male fancy guppies. They are not the permanent inhabitants. As suggested by someone on this forum I will be putting about 10 Clown Killifish in soon. Not too sure if the killis will like the scape. I need to do some more research. The tank was set up about 2 months ago.

The plants in the tank:
Water Sprite(floating and some planted. )
Pearl Weed.(just added the pearl weed in about a week ago. Soon I aim for it to spread across the front of the tank in a thick carpet.

The rocks were purchased from the fish store. Not sure what type they are but they look cool 😎

The substrate is quikrete play sand.

I do a weekly 25% water change. I will up that to maybe 50% once I add the clown killifish.

The fish are fed daphnia, tubifex worms, brine shrimp, and a variety of high-quality flakes.

I have a 100-watt aqueon heater and a quiet flow 10 filter. I plan on changing that to a sponge filter because the killis like a bit more calm water.

The lights are on for 8 hours. I use some flourish but not that much.

Well, that's about it.

- April 2022 TOTM

Tank - 20 gallon (30x12x12) Tropical Community
Age - This setup is 6 months old
Temp - 78F
Filtration - AquaClear 20 + sponge filter
Lighting - 33” Varmhus planted LED light
Hardscape - Manzanita branches
Substrate - Caribsea fine sand + larger stones
Plants -
Hygrophila polysperma
Red ludwigia
Anubias (several varieties)
Java fern
Bacopa australis

Stock -
1 BN pleco
5 neon tetra
10 Pygmy cories
3 nerite snails

Maintenance - 50% WC every two weeks
Feeding - Tropical flakes, dried tubifex, dried brine shrimp

The fish do have names… the pleco is Gandalf, the nerite snails are Bard, Smaug, and Olive Nerite. The tetras aren’t named. There were 13 cories, Fili, Kili, Balin, Dwalin, Ori, Nori, Dori, Bifur, Bofur, Bombar, Thorin, Oin, and Gloin. After the dwarves from the Hobbit. I’m down to 10 after a family member messed up my tank’s cycle, Fili, Kili, and Thorin unfortunately didn’t make it:-(_____________________________

- May 2022 TOTM

Tiger Barb Tank

This is is 731l (193 US gallon) Tiger Barb tank.

The tank was built to spec for my by Ornamental Aquaculture in the UK to fit the space in one end of my garden office. Took two attempts as they dropped the first one taking it off of the delivery van, cracking one corner... Just before Christmas holidays and as Covid picked up again. So a bit of a delay while they rebuilt it and arranged a new delivery but got there in the end. 179cm length, 67cm height, 61cm depth.


The tank is running a Fluval FX6, with a powerhead at the right side for a more even water flow across the front of the tank. There are two Fluval Aquasky lights up top on a timed cycle with gradual fade in/out at the start of the day. Neither are on full light at any time. There's an air pump running four air stones on a timer and co2 injection during lights on hours, approximately.

Heaters are two Eheim Jager 300w.


This is predominantly a Tiger Barb tank, with approximately 60 tiger barbs of the "normal", green and albino varieties.

There's also a rainbow shark, 12 cherry barbs, a bristlenose pleco and a handful of nerite snails.

Plants and hardscape:

There's a large piece of corbo root on the left hand side, which is hollow and creates a cave the rainbow shark, both inside and beneath it's "legs". Another piece of corbo root on the right is largely hidden by plants but is a hollow log and creates a large second cave.

Along much at the rear of the tank are a large number of Amazon Swords, particularly on the left. On the far right at the rear is. vallisneria spiralis tiger, which is the long grass reaching to the top and then drifting along the surface in the current. There's also a Aponogeton Ulvaceus at the rear right, which is a bulb plant. That flowered for several weeks, sending up long shoots that found the small spaces in the cover glass and sent up purple flowers above the tank. It's entered a dormant phase at the moment, so they've retreated.

Various varieties of Java fern are attached to the hardscape, both the wood and the large pieces of dragonstone throughout the tank.

There are a number of small crypts dotted around the shady areas and in the centre is the red lotus lily with the beautiful large red leaves which spread out and provide shade.

The floating plants at the top left are water sprite.

Hope you all enjoy.

I have four tanks which meet the requirements of this month's competition so was a real struggle choosing which one to put forward 🙂

- June 2022 TOTM

This is my little 10g jungle! 🌴 I've had it planted for maybe 6 years, it housed only a betta until she passed away about 2months ago. It's currently housing 6 porkchop rasboras, 2 panda corys, and quite a few snails who showed up with the Christmas moss haha

I don't use any fertilizer (probably should), I'm not sure what the filter is I got it so long ago. The rasboras get flakes and the corys get bottom feed pellets once a day in the morning. I do a 20% water change once a week. The light is a hygger, though I want to upgrade it eventually.

Plant wise frogbit is one of my favorites. I forgot to add the label for the contest but this morning I moved a BUNCH of the frogbit to my 30gal to let in more light for the other plants. There's an anubias that has been with me for 10 years, java ferns and Christmas moss on the driftwood. It's looking a little hectic in there at the moment, I have a new baby so bear with me 😅

Connorlindeman(2) - July 2022 TOTM

Here is my 20g high aquarium. It has come a very long way since I entered it in Janurary!

Moneywort(recently added not much growth yet)
Jungle Val(recently added not that much growth yet)
Water Sprite
Pearl Weed
Salvinia Minima(floating)
Cabomba Caroliniana

Most of the plants grow fairly fast so I am able to sell the trimmings on etsy

Oak sticks(I gathered this myself. Nothing better than finding your own aquarium decor :) )
Malaysian Driftwood(bought on etsy)
Random rock from the fish store

Neon tetra(x11)
Cherry Barb(x5)
Red Eye Tetra(x3 I know they should be in a larger tank. beginner mistake)
Corydoras virginiae(x2. There were more but they died :-( )
Few pest snails(ramshorn)
frozen daphnia
frozen brine shrimp
live mosquito larvae
bug bites microgranules
bug bites flakes(spirulina and color enhancing)

The tank gets a 50% WC weekly. Dosed with Seachem Iron and Flourish as necessary.

Quietflow 10(filter)
Eheim 100w heater
AQUANEAT LED Aquarium Light(just added)
DIY acrylic lid

Ph 7.3
Gh 180ppm(i think)

NOTE: The picture may look heavily edited but its just lower exposure and taken at night with minimal adjustments to make it look as close to real-life as possible. :)

fishjasonle -
August 2022 TOTM

Avatar floating island tank
Size 150 gallon
Filter. Forza UV 13 plus a hang on back filter
Plant. Mainly moss and anubias and bucephalantra S repen and some carpet plants from seed.
Stone and feature: dragon stone. Volcanical floating rock, ryo stone for the water(sand) fall
Fish: 150 neon tetra, some angel fish and ottocinclus. Also got some mystery snails I'm there. recently angel fish laid egg and all got hatched :) I have 60 plus fry now. I entered this tank in may. But it was not ready with fish yet. But now it is a living eco system and the plants are just thriving. A lot of trimming every month :). Haven't got a single tetra died yet for 4 months. That is a success for me. Haha.


Wills - September 2022 TOTM

This is my 30 litre ADA 60F. The dimensions are 60x30x18cm making it a long shallow tank.

It is currently home to a small colony of Neocaridina Shrimp - I'd say Cherry Shrimp but I have a mix of Cherrys, Yellows and Naturals, which is intentional as I wanted a simple 'low grade' colony.

The filter is an Oase Filtosmart 100 Thermo, an external with contained heater so the only equipment in the tank are the inlet and outlet. The light is a Chiheros A Series, a simple light that is controllable, I keep it on the second lowest settings which I think is about 8 watts.

The plants are all focused on the low tech side of things and are:
- Cardamyne Lyrata
- Hydrocotyle Vulgaris
- Liiliaopsis Brasiliensis
- Vallisnera sp.
- Aubias sp. Mini Coin
- Bucephalandra sp. Katarina
- Red root floaters and duckweed on the surface.

It also has a Mini Monsterra growing hydroponically, though the roots have not taken off on it yet. It may need a few more weeks to get going.

- October 2022 TOTM

Here's my 29-gallon Landen tank, on a black Landen stand and with a Landen light on rims.

Last year I started my first nano tank (7 gallons) using tissue culture plants, and by the end of its first year, it was a mass of vegetation, making the 7 ember tetras and amano shrimp invisible. I posted a pic of that and my betta tank on an old thread buried deeply somewhere on this forum.

So this June (4 months ago) I transferred everything over to the new Landen (and cycled with the fish/shrimp, but using the old
HOB filter and all the year-old plants; no fish or shrimp were harmed in this transfer!). I was forced to do so as the old stand was buckling,
so in a way this was an emergency upgrade.

Along the way I bought 13 more ember tetras, making a total of 20, and added eight Harlequin Raspboras. Unfortunately, a blue tetra somehow got added to my bag at the LFS, and it was such a bully I added more -- but the bully drove them all of them out of the tank
except a huge one I suspect is a female. Fine. They hound each other now. The female blue tetra is on the right in the card pic; the smaller male, despite being the worst bully, is usually hiding in the vegetation, or in the back where I can't see.

Glass covered, I continued, knowing I needed bigger fish, so I added a troop of delightful bloodfin tetras (7 total); seven glowlights (of which two are "albino," even if they have beautful orange markings on their fins and eyelids); a few more amanos, not sure of number now, they hide well and some of the original are ageing; and five kuhli loaches who love swimming along the back of the glass. On the card pic, you can just barely see an albino glowlight in the dark beneath the central glowlight. Is that a bloodfin eye lower right of them in the dark area as well? A kuhli loach is somewhat visible doing a u-turn in the non-card pic -- they love swimming through the bubbles!

I have a Fluval CO2 95 gram dispenser (only 1bps) -- paintball, maybe, if I can get over my fear of CO2 cannisters 8'(. A thermo Oase Biomaster 250, plus a 30-gallon bubble filter, are hidden by the spiral vals, one giant sag, and ozelot swords in the back. Other plants are: s. repens, cabomba, scarlet temple plants, some newer Telantheras, both regular and windelov java ferns, some mini-bilbitos -- I hope, otherwise it is firm algae, lol -- two amazon compacta swords, hydrocotle, a sad attempt at microswords (the kuhli loaches won't let me root new things 8'/), susswassertang, a red ludwigia, and yesterday, some tissue culture rotala h'ra among the old dwarf hairgrass from the old tank. The old hairgrass is balding like my own head, so I hope to put it out of its misery when the rotala grows out.

Oh yeah, two types of bacopa, monarda and carolinia, both from the original tank's tissue culture, and some brown crypts. Finally, some more of the old tissue culture, cyperessus helferi in the back right corner. I leave a thick jungle in the middle back to hide the lily pipe and bubble stone, and keep it cut around for swimming space. Oh, I forgot, green cardinalis (another tissue culture -- started in the old nano, and sooo slowww to growww), and some water mistress that is cut back severely on a regular basis along with the octopus plant. Did I mention the anubias? Sure I left something out, if not that. Yes! a small remnant of Anarcharis from the forest I put in for more rapidly cycling the tank transfer. It grows fast and big with CO2! Too fast, hence the scissored near genocide (herbicide?) of the Anarcharis stand. And there is a pothos houseplant in the back right corner, which I am trying to train around the light rim, that has roots coming into the tank.

Almost Dutch-style, except for a piece of wood I carted over from the nano that had hygrophila and java ferns attached. Rounded out are heavily harvested frogbit, water lettuce, and red floaters. The floaters block too much light, but I've found the long spiral val leaves are great for keeping it in a corner, as long as you ruthlessly throw out a lot of floaters.

I add Seachem Nitrogen and Potassium with each water change (40% weekly), a dab of Iron occasionally for the red plants, and then alternate with low doses of Flourish and Trace (once each a week). I place Flourish root tabs in the Fluval Stratum substrate, concentrated on the back heavy root feeders.

Next tank / upgrade for the larger plants I will definitely add a gravel layer under the Stratum, which is perhaps a bit too thick, but roots are already showing at the bottom of the tank.


Sgooosh - November 2022 TOTM

This 75g Tank is a MarineLand Majesty model, my 2nd tank, and my first non-makeshift tank. It has gone through so many things, good and bad, and this forum really helped shape this tank to what it is today, and what it will be in the future. I've had an diatom takeover, black beard algae takeover, Ich issues, unhealthy plants, but with the help of this forum and everyone in here, many new plants were added, problems fixed, and so much more :).

This tank is around 2 years old, almost 3, It's birthday is before christmas.
I have so many species of random plants, but I'll try to list the most common ones.
-bacopa Carolina
-rotala rotundiflora "Blood red" and "Green"
-vallisneria "giant" and "american"
-Vesicularia montagnei "Christmas" Moss
-Echinodorus "amazon" and "red Rubin Amazon" sword plant

-Poecilia Reticulata "mutt guppy"
-Xiphophorus helleri "neon swordtail"
-Corydoras aeneus "green/bronze cory"
- trichopodus leerii "Leeri/Pearl Gourami"
Nitrate: close to 0
Nitrite: 0
ph: 7.6-7.8
hardness: 120
a half dose of what it says on the label for:
-Seachem Flourish root tabs
-Seachem Flourish liquid formula
- Finnex 24/6 CRV
-Internal Canister Filter
-Bubble stone
-weekly water change of 5-10 gallons, take out rotten plants, replant stuff

-feed 2 times a day with: shrimp tablets, freeze dried bloodworm, frozen brine shrimp, hikari micro pellet, hikari fancy guppy, bug bites spirulina flakes

Connorlindeman(3) - December 2022 TOTM
This is my 10g Clown KIllifish Tank.

Pearl Weed
Java Moss
Asian Watermoss
Alternanthera reineckii
Brazilian Pennywort
Ludwigia "Dark Red"
Ludwegia "Super red mini"
Water Sprite

Oak Sticks
Rock from pet store
Oak leaves I gathered myself

Cheap Aqueon 100w

Air powered sponge

STOCKING:Clown killifish(3 females, 1 male)

Frozen daphnia
Frozen brineshrimp
bug bites

Weekly 40%

FERTILIZERS:Seachem flourish
Seachem iron
Seachem potassium
............End of Entries..............
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Total of $175 in prizes 😱
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