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  1. Nells250

    The Baby Java Fern Thread

    HI all! I did a search here, and noticed a lot of people ask the same question about their Java Ferns: WHAT ARE THE LITTLE LEAVES GROWING ON MY JAVA FERN? ... or... WHAT ARE THE SPOTS ON THE BOTTOM OF MY FERN'S LEAVES? I thought perhaps a catch-all thread about Java reproduction would be...
  2. S

    How to clean java moss before adding it to my tank

    Hi all, I bought the java moss about 2 months ago and it's been sitting in water in a plastic tray on my window sill growing waiting for me to get around to doing something with it, hence this post. I have read that rinsing it, soaking in a 5% chlorine solution for 20 minutes, and then rinsing...
  3. S

    Free Java Fern Aquarium Plants to give away in West Cumbria

    Hi We are running our home aquarium down and hoping to move it on, with the arrival of 2 children the poor tank sadly does not get the attention it used to. We have re-homed the fish, but we do have a selection of live Java Fern plants that are available to anyone interested. Also there are...
  4. D

    Trimming A Java Fern?

    HI all, I've got a java fern which has basically exploded at the tips into hundreds of tiny leaves with brown roots growing out, which is a little ugly, Is it ok to just cut these small growths off, as I prefer the look of just the long leaves. Thanks, Tom :D
  5. ADW1988

    Securing Moss/plants On Wood

    Hi all,   I bought a lovely coconut shell with java moss on a while ago.. It grew so well and very quickly I had to trim it.. Idiot me put it in my waste water from a water change to get out the loose strands I've just cut. I then forgot about it in there and vigorously threw away the water and...
  6. NomNomTiger

    White Growth On Java Moss?

    White growth on my java moss. I have a 30 gal, light during the day, off at night. Tried an old "Flourish" product we have had for years, could be why but I'm still worried for my fish as they are african cichlids, the mother has gotten very agressive, and they are rubbing their sides on the...
  7. Valiant

    Java Moss

    I wanted some live plants in my tank so i've decided to put java moss in my tank and I need to know how to attach it to my sand substrate. Also do you guys recommend any other types of aquatic plants, I have bogwood in my tank so I could attach java fern to it.
  8. Robbo89

    Java Moss, Decorative Or Uncontrollable?

    So, what's the general opinion guys?   Keen to add some to the driftwood in this tank, along with an Aunbias nana, but heard it can be literally impossible to remove from an aquarium once added... advice please!     Also, could anyone ID that plant I have in the background? Cheers, Alex.