Trimming A Java Fern?


Fish Fanatic
Apr 11, 2014
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HI all,
I've got a java fern which has basically exploded at the tips into hundreds of tiny leaves with brown roots growing out, which is a little ugly,
Is it ok to just cut these small growths off, as I prefer the look of just the long leaves.
Tom :D
Yes, you can remove the plantlets.  They usually come off really easily when they are ready to be transplanted and grow on their own.
sounds like healthy java fern to me---what is your secret for them to grow so well?  what size tank are your running, what type of lights and wattage, and what are you using if any for fertilizers.  
I tend to find it's the oldest and unhealthiest leaves on my java ferns that produce lots of plantlets.  Particularly after a plant has been transplanted, the old leaves will often start producing babies while the new leaves concentrate on healthy growth.  I usually pluck and discard most of the plantlets, I don't like them either.  Most of my java fern propagation came from splitting the parent plant when it gets too big.

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