java fern

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  1. I

    How much Seachem Flourish do I add to my 3 gallon tank?

    I just got seachem flourish for my Java fern plants and am struggling to calculate the right amount so instead of getting too frustrated I’m deciding to ask on here. I have a 3 gallon tank so what exact dosage should I use?
  2. I

    Java Fern stems broke and leaves discoloring, should I trim and propagate or leave to heal itself?

  3. FrezhFinz

    Need help with planted tank

    This is a 29 gallon with dwarf hair grass and Java fern and Amazon sword I think the plants are melting why is the grass turning this color? Also I use fluvial root tabs to feed the plants I haven’t placed new ones since I started this tank two weeks ago.
  4. Koenator

    Did I plant everything right?

    Hi, I just started my first ever planted tank. It’s a 30gal, I got everything including tank, filter, LED hood, 100w heater and gravel on the side of the road for free. The only things I have bought so far are the fish which I owned previously in another established tank, and the sand. I say...
  5. Duckquarium

    Very bare 10g for male betta

    I feel like this tank is wicked bare, should I stick some gravel in there??? I don’t mind the soil personally I wanna see where the carpet heads off to. I don’t have a lot of experience with growing aquarium plants so I honestly have no idea what it’ll look like I just put stuff wherever I...
  6. M

    Peroxide Dip for java fern

    Hi, I'm new to live aquarium plants and was wondering how to do a peroxide dip on java fern? How long do I dip it for? Is it safe to do peroxide dip on plants going into an African dwarf frog tank? Also I have java moss and guppy grass as well but was advised no to use peroxide dip on these...
  7. Z

    Thought java fern was dying but I guess it's reproducing?

    I had a java fern in my tank for approximately five days when it started developing little offshoots. Worried about what they were as I got so many answers online, I separated it and put it into a cup of the same aquarium water and Fluorite substrate, with some Osmocote Plus, and under a grow...
  8. D

    Planted fish tank tips for 60 gallon?

    Hey guys, I’ve recently gotten a 60 gallon fish tank, starting to do a cycle, and for this tank I’ve decided I want to try live plants. big step for me definitely as it is my first ever try. I want to go with the low maintenance ones so I was thinking Java fern, Anubias, anubias petite, moss...
  9. Circus

    Will it work?

    I was thinking of getting some slim posts (plastic or bamboo) to use to anchor a bunch of anubias and Java fern, see if I can't make it look like I have some leafy trees in my 55 gallon tank. I have tried some different stem plants (more than 120 stems over the last year, 75 of that in just...
  10. A

    Slow and weak growth in plants.

    Hi, I've been trying to grow plants in my 20-gallon tank (no fish) for a couple of months now and I haven't really succeeded. I would very much like some assistance if that's possible? I've put a thick layer of Flourite Red as my nutrient gravel as well as having inserted a couple of root tabs...
  11. Rdoran88

    Java fern small brown offshoots. New plants or something more serious?

    Hi everyone. I have a Java fern plant in my aquarium and recently I noticed a few of the leaves have started to sprout these small root like sprouts. (Photos for clearer reference) upon researching online I have assumed the plant was producing new off shoots but these don't look quite like the...
  12. Ellie Potts

    What am I doing wrong?!?!

    I have a 55 gallon aquarium kept at ~78-80 Degrees F on a 12 hour light cycle with multiple root tabs but no water fertilizer. The aquarium isn't fully cycled yet. My Duckweed and Anubias plants are doing great... but my Java Fern, Monte Carlo, and some other plant that I got at Petco are not...
  13. D

    Guppy Aquarium Advice

    Hello All, I am pretty new to the hobby and have put a lot of effort into making a healthy and good aquarium with guppies and ghost shrimp. I have already had to deal with my own host of problems that come with an aquarium(disease, death, aggression etc.), and now have a healthy aquarium! I...
  14. HoldenOn

    floating java fern

    Will my java fern be fine floating? The thread I used started to fall apart, so I untied them and let them just float around.
  15. B

    Java fern growing white fuzz?

    Hi everyone, I've recently put a java fern plant attached to bogwood in my aquarium. I've just noticed today ( just over 1 week later putting it in) thatthe roots and some leafs are growing this white fuzz? Can anyone identify what it is and how to get rid of it? FYI I haven't got any fish in...
  16. N

    Plants disintegrating / disappearing

    I have a Juwel Rio 125 litre (T5 lighting, I think; def not LED), “pimped” internal Jewel filter with 2kg of biogravel. Sand substrate over Tropica aquarium soil. . pH 7 - 7.5. Tap water source is hard (London) - DH14. Amonia, nitrate and nitrite levels all fine. Pond snails. No fish yet. The...
  17. Barry Tetra

    Planted tank suggestions and thoughts

    Which plants looking good for betta tanks, I have 5 gal fluorite substrate tank and a betta, suggestions and thought, how to plant java fern and other plants?
  18. Bettapuppy

    My tank has live plants in it now!

    I decided to add some live plants to my betta tank! I added the moss ball a few months ago and it's still healthy so I thought I might try my luck with a few others as well. I added a java fern and two anubias. I keep my LED light on for 10+ hours a day, is there anything else you guys recommend...
  19. F

    New To Plants, Want Advice

    I'm new to plants, (other than moss/moss balls) and I am adding a java fern and an Anubis (which comes pre rooted to a piece of driftwood,) and java moss and wanted some advice on how to make sure the plants thrive I a new environment, and how to get the java fern to root in my gravel substrate...
  20. Tyler_Fishman

    Java moss problem

    isn't this stuff supposed to grow like nuisance algae? Not for me. I got my java moss when it was a lush green color at petco. I placed it in a Lower light area, parallel to my ozelot sword which obstructs a good majority of light. It's not like it's pitch black, just there isn't too much light...