Need help with planted tank

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Aug 31, 2022
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This is a 29 gallon with dwarf hair grass and Java fern and Amazon sword I think the plants are melting why is the grass turning this color? Also I use fluvial root tabs to feed the plants I haven’t placed new ones since I started this tank two weeks ago.


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Can you give us the data on the light. Type, spectrum. What is the tank size--we need dimensions being length width and height.

I don't know anything about the Fluval root tabs, and I cannot find them on the internet. They may or may not be worth anything.
I think your plants are starving to death plus,the water quality looks bad. Looks "new tank syndrome" all over it. What you need is to add liquid iron and probably a few bunches of stem plants to get that water quality issues overcome.
The sword plants are HUGE iron hogs. Grow like weeds with it.
Regarding root tabs. I have never used the Fluval ones, but I do use Seachem root tabs, which I find to be quite good for some plants. I believe the two are similar, but Seachem's have been around in the market forever.
No need to add them more than once or twice a year. They are slow release. Adding them more frequently will lead to all kind of problems, and also will get expensive for no good reason.

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