amazon sword

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  1. rebe

    Possible nutrient deficiency

    Does this look like old dying leaves to you or could this be nutrient deficiency? This is on my amazon sword plant, which is a heavy root feeder to my understanding. Should I give them another Seachem root tab? They have/had the same root tab since the end of august (2023), maybe they've just...
  2. danajs


    Could anyone tell me what deficiency my Amazon Sword (Reni) is experiencing? I suspect iron, but am not 100% sure! TIA
  3. FrezhFinz

    Need help with planted tank

    This is a 29 gallon with dwarf hair grass and Java fern and Amazon sword I think the plants are melting why is the grass turning this color? Also I use fluvial root tabs to feed the plants I haven’t placed new ones since I started this tank two weeks ago.
  4. RebelsReign

    Hey guys was just wondering if these are harmful to aquatic life?

    I’ve got 5 Albino Corys, 1 Golden Bristlenose and 4 Fancy Guppy’s in a 150L Tank
  5. back2thelotus

    Brown leaves on Bacopa & Sword

    As the title suggests, my Bacopa Monniera (not entirely sure on its exact name) and Amazon Sword have some brown discolouration on some of their leaves and I'm not entirely sure why. I've attached a couple of photos although it's not very clear in the photo of the sword. These plants are in a...
  6. Guyb93

    Why are my Amazon swords dying ?

    I am new to plants , my experience in plants is turning my Marimo moss balls over ever week , about a month ago I buy some Amazon swords as I herd they are easy to grow and are very much for lazy plant keepers , but they seem to be dying , my tank is set at 26-27c is it too warm for them? They...
  7. Ellie Potts

    Fertilizers? Substrate? Help needed for a planted tank

    It's been a long time since I've had a fish tank with live plants, and I'd really like this next one to be planted. The tank will have 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 killifish, 10 neon tetra, 2 african dwarf frogs, and maybe some cherry shrimp. pH will be around 7 and temp will be about 77 degrees F. I'm...
  8. HoldenOn

    Overuse of root tabs

    Hey all, Got some more swords today, and these obviously need some root tabs. I had just put a batch in about 2 and a half weeks ago, and the package advises to use once a month. Could I put in just one or two root tabs with these new swords?
  9. newmag1659

    What is this algae and how can I get rid of it?

    10 gallon cycled tank with 3 Gardneri killifish, 6 corys, and 2 nerite snails. Cycled, 0/0/15. It is only on my amazon sword plants. I’ve not noticed it until I moved today and had to completely redo my tank! what do you think? I have algaefix chemicals but that’s a last resort.
  10. Bob Strzelecki

    Help. Sick Swords

    Please help. I purchased a couple of Amazon swords about a month or so a go. My problem is that some of the older lease and the new leaves are skeleton. No flesh only ribs. I use root tabs, Excel, Floriush, Iron, and trace elements. All my other plants are health and are thriving. My...
  11. Tyler_Fishman

    Really Amazon!

    I was optimistic about getting MTS snails for my planted 10 gallon, It would be a nice addition to my tank, After some research I have concluded that they are Sudible even crucial for my setup, so I did what any person would do when their LFS did not have something they wanted: Go to Amazon. I...
  12. Cramer719

    Amazon Swords Turning Brown

    Hello everyone! I am new to planted aquariums, and I am struggling. I have a 60 gal tall tank with Amazon sword, jungle Val and a few more plants in it. Jungle Val has never done well for some reason and now my Amazon swords are starting to wrinkle up and getting a little brown on them. My...
  13. Zikofski

    Fast Growing Plant

    hello peep's okay i am trying to find a fast growing plant the fastest out there sort of thing my idea is i want this plant to soak up all the excess nutrients in my tank, i dose EI method, i also inject co2 and have high light, I'm trying to minimise algae by limited excess nutrients to plants ...
  14. A

    What's Wrong With My Rtl And Amazon Sword?

    Hi everyone, New to the forum but I've had an aquarium for about 2 years and always kept as many plants as possible, given my limited budget. Anyway my Red Tiger Lotuses doesn't seem to be doing so good. Used to have big leaves and runners. Now leaves are getting smaller and new growth is...
  15. pumpkinnose

    New Plants And New To Plants.

    I just went out and bought 1 small Amazon Sword plant which had 4 in it and an assorted Anubias (anubias sp.) for my betta's10 gallon.  I divided the Amazon Sword up which was pretty easy since it was already 4 separate plants in one container and placed 2 in his tank and then placed the other 2...
  16. TallTree01

    Amazon Sword- Brown Leaves

    So, I guess 2 weeks without lights doesn't go well with plants. Who knew? About 70% of my amazon sword plant's leaves are brown. I think that I need to trim these dead leaves off and just want some confirmation. Is there anything else I can do to help this plant bounce back?   I really don't...