dwarf hairgrass

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  1. FrezhFinz

    Need help with planted tank

    This is a 29 gallon with dwarf hair grass and Java fern and Amazon sword I think the plants are melting why is the grass turning this color? Also I use fluvial root tabs to feed the plants I haven’t placed new ones since I started this tank two weeks ago.
  2. Koenator

    Did I plant everything right?

    Hi, I just started my first ever planted tank. It’s a 30gal, I got everything including tank, filter, LED hood, 100w heater and gravel on the side of the road for free. The only things I have bought so far are the fish which I owned previously in another established tank, and the sand. I say...
  3. Linkandnavi

    Panda Corydoras and a Carpeted Substrate

    Morning all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of keeping panda corydoras with a carpeted substrate (dwarf hairgrass)? In particular, whether they are likely to uproot the carpet? Thanks
  4. Xzavier247

    Foreground Discussion

          What is your favorite foreground plant? This is an open discussion for others to see whats available and what it looks like. Please submit your answer following with a picture.  This is to also help others who are new to the planted tank.    I'll start off with Dwarf Hairgrass.    Another...