Can I have any mates for my betta in a 25l tank?

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Sep 8, 2022
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yes no maybe so?
probably not im assuming
and NO snails

and i will obviously wait until the tank is cycled
I'll say no. The tank is small, and the Betta has no need of mates - it's one of those silent, antisocial types. Its goal is to keep other fish out of its turf, and while in a larger tank it would get used to any tankmates that didn't nip it, it will never appreciate their company. Most small things you'd put in, he'd want to eat.
All my Bettas did great with shrimp. Maybe you'd like to try.
My Betta...Fred...pretty much confirms to me that a Betta should absolutely be on their own. Fred is not my first Betta but he is by far the most aggressive. Pest snails, mini moss at, nipped at. I changed his aquarium at the weekend to 105 litres and he even went for the heater - I am guessing he does not like the red lettering on it or the red LED on it cos he was flaring and showing his full side-on "I'm a big fish, you best go away or I'll eat you" pose at it.

Betta are by another name a Siamese Fighting Fish, they are wired to be bolshy and they have zero tolerance of anything living in their aquarium. They might start off all cute and cuddly but over time their true colours come out and they become antisocial thugs.

An aquarium of 25 litres is actually a bit on the small side anyway so definitely no room mates......but even with a much larger aquarium I would be very wary of room mates for any Betta cos their temperment can change in an instant.
All my Bettas did great with shrimp. Maybe you'd like to try.

I have had several bettas in 25 litre tank over the years (one at a time). Three of them had shrimps in with them.

With the first of the three, I moved some floating plants into his tank and some rice fish eggs on the plants hatched. The betta ignored these fry so when they were big enough to in the main tank with the adult rice fish I put some red cherry shrimps in his tank. He ignored them as well, both adults and baby shrimp. The shrimp population increased.

When that betta died I got another, still with shrimps in the tank. This one ignored the adults but ate the babies - the shrimp population no longer increased and there were no babies in the water change bucket.

The third one attacked the adult shrimp - I woke up soon after I got him to find bits of shrimp all over the tank. The survivors were moved out.

Basically it depends on the betta. Some will tolerate shrimps, some won't.
Basically it depends on the betta. Some will tolerate shrimps, some won't.
Αnd same goes for any other tankmate imo.... All you can do is try and have a back up plan.

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