5 gallon

  1. L

    My new 5 gallon

    So I think MTS has officially struck! Picked up a 23 litre/5 gallon tank (edit- 6 US gallons) which comes with integrated filter and light. Am thinking of making it a betta tank, I know it's a bit tall but I've never filled my tanks all the way to the top. There's a lid but I hadn't realised...
  2. Ellie Potts

    Making the best of a 5 gallon tank

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a while, but I'm now in college and looking to keep a nice planted tank. I was gifted an almost complete 5-gallon setup that I'm currently cycling. So many options are running through my head... dwarf puffers, betta, dwarf crayfish, micro species, Thai micro...
  3. O

    my betta is lethargic i think

    he just sits in one of these positions since i did a water change 2 days ago. and i also think he has swim bladder but he won’t eat the daphnia i give him. I’ve been feeding him 4 pellets once every 4 days but no improvement.
  4. O

    Can I have any mates for my betta in a 25l tank?

    yes no maybe so? probably not im assuming and NO snails and i will obviously wait until the tank is cycled
  5. O

    what is this in my tank is it snail eggs

    i did a 80% water change yesterday and cleaned the gravel so i don’t understand. is it snail eggs? I’m going out to buy crustaceans pesticide today because im sick of this
  6. O


    why is there snails in my tank and i never bought any snails make sense. HELP ME PLEASE WHAT THE HECK. AND WORMS
  7. O

    Betta fish fins torn to shreds

    I’ve removed all the plants as soon as I noticed. He’ll have to go without for a few hours but i’m going to the pet shop in the morning to get all real plants and return the fake ones. Anything I can do to help him?
  8. O

    white stringy in aquarium

    not sure if you can see very well but there is white string like substance in the tank what is it and is it safe?
  9. O

    betta fish at top

    Someone please help im worried about my new betta. The pet shop told me I can add him in one day after setting up the tank. He’s been in the tank around 36 hours now and was doing fine however i noticed the tank temperature was slightly out of range at 84°F so i have now lowered it to 80°F. I...
  10. SAJin

    Fungus on my betta?

    This grey mark showed up on my betta months ago and I thought he had burned himself on the heater since he figured out how to rest on top of the suction cup, but now I think it's changed shape and I'm concerned. I want to check with more experienced people before putting in treatment for it...
  11. I

    Filter recommendation for 5Galoon betta tank

    Hello, Ive got a 5 galoon beta tank and looking for the ideal filter for it. (I attached a photo of the aquarium). I want it to keep the aquarium clean yet be safe for the beta.. Considering the aqua clear 20 but heard it might be too much for a 5 galoon. Thanks in advance, Ido
  12. OliveFish05

    5 gallon betta biotope journal

    Hello! I am getting started on a relatively loose biotope for a male betta. Here is my plan so far Tank - 5 gallon rimless tank - 16x8 inches Aqueon Nano planted tank light Stock - 1 male betta splendens Plants - Crypts (2) Water sprite vals Willow hygro dwarf Pennywort bamboo pothos i may...
  13. F

    $50 budget Betta sorority tank

    Hey guys! I recently started a betta sorority nano tank. I had an aquarium 10 years ago but things have changed a lot since then, equipments, the theory in general. I decided to ask this forum for ways to improve my tank, some advice from experts, equipment wise, aesthetically, anything...
  14. Sotto

    is my platy a female? and is she pregnant? during ich battle

    Hi all! Quite new to the aqua world and first time owning fish just wondering if this is a female platy and is she pregnant? im currently fighting off an ich battle with kordon rapid-cure and just want to know if it is a female and if she gives birth will the ich medicine kill the fry? (using...
  15. F

    Nano Tank (6.5) Gallon stocking ideas

    I'm looking for ideas preferably unique ones for stocking a 6.5 gallon, here are some of the ideas I currently have/have heard of let me know what you think or other ideas you have: -1 Betta fish and a nerite snail OR 3-6 dwarf cory cats OR 2 African dwarf frogs OR 1 dwarf orange crayfish -A...
  16. V

    New Tank

    Looking to buy a 5 gallon with a 'hidden' filter that doesn't get in the way when cleaning or aquascaping. It would also be a bonus if it had a built in heater so I don't have to have the ugly thing handing on the back of the tank. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. R

    Heaters!!!! help!!!

    I have a lovely crowntail named omega who I have had for almost 2 years. I have recently put him in a 5 gallon acrylic tank. I have never had a heater on him and he has never acted like he was cold...very active fish.....but my house is not always warm and id like to warm him up. But I have...
  18. G

    Led Lights/ Dwarf baby tears

    I am very interested in adding dwarf baby tears in my standard 5 gallon aquarium. I currently have the cheap LED light that came with kit and am looking to upgrade. I saw this light on Amazon and wanted to know if you think it would work for growing dwarf baby tears. I would also like to know if...
  19. H

    Pictures Of My 3 Aquariums

    I just started to have fish this spring!  I love it! I have 3 tanks, the newest being my Beta tank.  I also have a tank with 2 African Dwarf Frogs and a tank with Guppies and Striped Tetras.   I like to make my tanks colorful!   
  20. K

    Journal: Starting Small, And Somewhat Clueless

    So this is my first time trying out a freshwater tank on my own. My dad had one when I was younger but I have not had one of my own ever. I had to start small since it is in my apartment so I went with a 5 gallon (don't mock the decor, had to work with what we had ). I filled up my tank last...