male betta

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  1. O

    my betta is lethargic i think

    he just sits in one of these positions since i did a water change 2 days ago. and i also think he has swim bladder but he won’t eat the daphnia i give him. I’ve been feeding him 4 pellets once every 4 days but no improvement.
  2. O

    Can I have any mates for my betta in a 25l tank?

    yes no maybe so? probably not im assuming and NO snails and i will obviously wait until the tank is cycled
  3. O

    Betta fish fins torn to shreds

    I’ve removed all the plants as soon as I noticed. He’ll have to go without for a few hours but i’m going to the pet shop in the morning to get all real plants and return the fake ones. Anything I can do to help him?
  4. Cloud.boi

    Hi 👋

    Hi 👋 My names Eli Cloud, I'm indigenous and in I'm college to be a Vetrinarian! I love learning and providing what information I have to others. Here's my mother tank My current set up is 15 gallon, however it's split with a divider at a 5 gal for a bully. I have two filters on either side with...
  5. O

    My 10gal Blackwater tank

    Some photos of what I have in my 10gal tank.
  6. SRbettas

    How many betta pellets to feed betta?

    How many aquaeon betta pellets should I feed my betta if I feed once a day? I'm currently feeding 3 a day is this enough?
  7. Quin

    Do betta fins change with stress?

    Hank, my black orchid male betta, got his first regular water change yesterday, about two days overdue. Afterwards his filter output was pulsing in and out with a current too strong for him, so it has been mostly off until now. I just finished rinsing and cleaning off his filter pad and having a...
  8. Quin

    Betta looking so much better :)

    I think I really messed up. My black orchid male betta has not eaten for the five days I've had him, and in the last two or three he has not been swimming a whole lot. I figured maybe he was lethargic and excessively weak from his lack of food, so I decided to move him to his cup and put food in...
  9. Quin

    Does Hank look okay?

    I'm not sure if the video format works, but I came back inside to see this. Hank is lying against his moss ball in the back of the tank, and I think he is breathing heavy. Pardon the quality, I recorded his reflection since he was hidden behind his bridge. He has since moved to rest on his leafy...
  10. Quin

    Today is the day!

    So excited to be moving from the beginner help section to the discussion section :) Today, once the snow clears off the roads a little later (it is APRIL) I will be heading into the pet store to get the remaining supplies before moving Hank into his new 10 gallon! My checklist is a 10g...
  11. Quin

    Sushi man!

    After a lot of panicking, posting, and research yesterday I'm happy to announce my big man Hank S. Sushi! He's a black orchid betta, and I'm on the hunt for a bigger tank for him and cycling treatments and test kits. I did have a minor heart attack this morning because my dad turned off the...
  12. Quin

    New betta at top of tank?

    Hi there! I got a new male black orchid betta today and I'm super excited to have him! I'm also really nervous and maybe over-paranoid because yesterday I brought home the tiniest betta I'd ever seen, a veiltail female, but she did not make it past an hour. I believe it was completely user...
  13. F

    Betta with Harlequin Rasboras and?????

    This is my fist time setting up a community tank with a male betta as the centre peice. I have 3 other successful community tanks right now! I have a 26 gallon bowfront tank that is currently cycling and im having trouble find accurate answers/find alot of mixed answers to a few questions i...
  14. N


    Oaky, so I have a community tank ,almost a 40gallon, (mostly small guppies) and I have a pair of Bettas( female and male). They used to be best buddies, he was non aggressive and he wouldn’t even approach her unless she was in his spot or something akin to that. Recently (a week and a couple of...
  15. Inkweaver313

    Algae Eater Tank Mate?

    Hi Everybody! I have a male betta in a 10g tank that I'm having a horrendous time controlling the algae in. I've done everything I can think of to control the algae in this tank. It's all over the glass and the sand and there's string algea all over the decorations. Short of taking the betta...
  16. RCA

    Got Tempted Again...

    Thought I was weaning myself off getting new Betta's, yet this little fella was feisty and willing me to take him home, so how could I resist. Finage needs to heal and grow, and at present he is a shy fella, yet we all know they soon get to accept us near their tanks. He has not got a name as...
  17. B

    Male Betta & His Bubble Nest Problems

    Hello.   I HAD a male and female betta in the same tank (2ft tank) together, then was warned to keep them separate. I went to inspect the tank, do a water change and to figure out a plan. They were right in the middle of spawning!!!   She was dropping so many eggs, he was scooping them up and...