1. L

    Injury on Bristlenose Pleco

    Hello everyone! I’ve recently noticed this injury/sore on my gold Bristlenose and I have no idea what it is.. I can’t find anything online that looks similar so I’m really worried. he’s super shy and I barely ever get to see his belly and certainly don’t usually get close enough to the tank to...
  2. primsloaches16

    Media of my lovelies- Will be Updated!

    Hey y'all! I have so many pics of my babies I want to share, but I felt like I was clogging up my posts with new threads for each time, so this will be a catalog of my pics, and will be updated when I get more! I hope y'all enjoy!
  3. Guyb93

    What species of pleco is this

    Hello can anybody confirm or enlighten me on this fish , I bought as a common pleco as iv found out that’s not actually a fish and common pleco refers to suckermouth catfish. , sail fin catfish and more , it’s not important that I know his specifics just would like to know
  4. Jacks12003

    Tank mates for a Jack Dempsey

    I have a Jack Dempsey cichlid and a Florida pleco in a 29g tank. Both are about 3.5 to 4 inches long. The Jack Dempsey has been extremely aggressive to every other fish in the tank except for the pleco and a convict cichlid that was in his tank when I first got him (who has since died). He is...
  5. C

    Help to diagnose something on my fish.

    Hi, I’m new to this but I could use some advice. I have had established tanks in the past but I currently am seeing something I’ve never seen before. I got two bristlenose plecs one is definitely more dominant and a lot bigger in growth rate. It’s this one I would like to know about, since...
  6. Barry Tetra

    Best food for pleco?

    My pleco dont like algae wafer nor eating algae, he wait for days to get the pellet and I’ve heard that algae eating fish cannot eat pellet with protein? I have my pleco with blackghost knife fish what should i feed them? @essjay @CryptFan
  7. Barry Tetra

    The best filter for pleco tank

    Hello, my 55 gallons tank have 3 common pleco, 1 L001 pleco, 2 black ghost knifefish ,chinese algae eater, 2 burmese border loach , 1 clown knifefish and clown loach What filter should i use? Even the power filter cant handle that much poop in the tank. NO Substrate
  8. Aynia

    Fairly new and full of questions

    Hi all, my name is Aynia. I've already posted a few threads on the forum and realized that I never did an introduction post. About me: I'm from Ontario, I love anything geeky/nerdy, anything artsy or crafty and I absolutely love animals. I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady but have recently really...
  9. Aynia

    Bristle nose pleco?

    Heya, me again! The hubs and I are really worried that our lfs sold us a different kinds of plecos instead of a bristle nose. They are very young, ~2 inches, and the hubs says they could be both female so we wouldn't see the big bristles, but I'm not convinced. The pictures aren't the greatest...
  10. Hannitah

    Pleco acting weird

    Hello! I have a common pleco in a 29 gal (along with just 1 female Betta because I have a sorority but she was too aggressive for everyone else but she's been good with Tom the plecosTOMus) anyway, recently Tom has been acting really odd. At times he will be super still, not even sucking on...
  11. D

    Female Bristlenose Pleco (FL, USA)

    Livestock: Female bristlenose pleco Age and condition: approx. 1 year old, no record of any illness, approx. 1-2 inches in length Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: I was hoping she would be male when I got her about a year ago, but unfortunately she's a female. Delivery or Collection...
  12. T

    Rehoming convicts and pleco

    Got 15/16 convict cichlids, 3 of them are albino,a few fry, and 1 common pleco looking to rehome as not around enough for cichlids anymore, if can be taken all together then that would be perfect as a few have paired up and convicts mate for life, I’m located in west London
  13. TheLastMelon

    Please help ID Pleco!

    Hey, my pleco used to live in a 29 gallon tank but it is now in a ten gallon with two zebra danios and three shrimp. I've had it for two years and it hasn't grown any bigger than 3 to 4 inches. It is light brown/tan with a lot of subtle stripes. It has a more thin body build than most of the...
  14. E

    pleco fish bred and I don't know what to do..

    So today I was cleaning out my canister filter when I later realized that there was pleco fry on the glass. Anyway, I scooped as many as I saw up and placed them in one of those breeding boxes you put guppies in (which I've bred in the past). Now, as you'll know, breeding guppies and pleco's...
  15. Kimberly Law

    Help pleco hurt tip of his nose!

    My pleco got startled for no reason normally there's a loud noise or I sit something down on the dresser it will startle him and then I feel so bad but he will just swim in his house but the other day out of nowhere he started going crazy and ramming himself into the glass and his house over and...
  16. Nite80

    Clown Pleco help

    So I recently got a clown plec for my 36g. In the last couple of days it hasn't been moving much, just hanging out by the heater. I keep the temp about 79 and all the other parameters are good. Any ideas what could be going on? I read that they need others around. How many can fit comfortably...
  17. A

    Pleco Died, Platy sick? Also wood question.

    I have a 10 gallon aquarium. I have recently taken out all the gravel and decorations as I am setting up a 15 gallon column tank to be my main tank and going to use the 10 gallon for platy fry. All thats left in there besides fish is java moss(i think is what she called it) and a small peice...
  18. A

    Cleanup Crew Not Eating Algae

    I have a fishtank with a big algae issue on my my anubias and the tank has 1 betta, 4 male guppies, 1 male endlers guppy, 8 neon tetras. The plants are anubias, vallisneria, and Amazon sword. The cleanup crew is 3 amano shrimp, 2 shrimp(sold as amano but arent), common pleco, yoyo loaches(I...
  19. AdrianBru

    Bristlenose Pleco fry acting strangely

    Hello everyone, My Bristlenose pleco fry are acting very strangely today - they're about three weeks old and currently housed in a 50 litre quarantine tank with their father. I tested the water today and it is unchanged from previous results, ammonia 0, nitrite 1, nitrate 20. The tank is...
  20. D

    Pleco sore patch?

    My bristlenose pleco has a pale patch on head. I'm concerned it's a sore or beginning of infection. Can anyone advise?