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  1. J

    blister like spots on my pleco

    hey, so today i noticed these two small spots on my pleco. they almost look like popped blisters, they are super big or anything, and i’ve never seen anything like this on him. he is 7 years old. and recently last week we bought a new fish and it got ich and we removed that fish and treated the...
  2. S

    Bristlenose Plecos

    Hi all, Hopefully an easy one.... I have 2 female Bristlenose plecs in my 4ft tank and was wondering if it would be OK to introduce a male? Kind regards, Mark.
  3. O

    Can I have any mates for my betta in a 25l tank?

    yes no maybe so? probably not im assuming and NO snails and i will obviously wait until the tank is cycled
  4. N

    Does my Clown Pleco Have Ich?

    Hello everyone! New to the game and just noticed my young clown pleco (I think that’s what he is) has some white spots all over his body. Does it look like the ich? Also have in the 30 gallon tank: 1 Neon blue dwarf gourami 1 Angelfish 3 tetra glofish Thanks!
  5. danajs

    Can anyone identify this Pleco?

    Sold as a Tiger Pleco, but we cannot remember the L-number. Thank you in advance.
  6. B

    Ich problems

    Hey all, new to the forums (and fish keeping in general so don’t bash me too hard lol) I have about a 1 month old, 37 gal tank. It’s not fully cycled but getting close. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0.25 Nitrate: 5 I know now about the nitrogen cycle and cycling a tank but in the beginning I just...
  7. rosie g

    I bought this albino brittle nose at 2”. Now she is 13” and lives in my pond. With the regular size Pleco’s.Is this the elusive albino pleco?shes HUGE

    so I bought a 2 inch albino brittle nose Pleco from LPS like three years ago, and she’d began growing very very fast. I have a 55 gallon and it got to the point where she was so big and powerful that she would incidentally kill my smaller fish when she flipped around at night 😭 she would...
  8. V

    What kind of fish have you kept before?

    I just want a general consensus as to what's popular in this hobby.
  9. Big Boy Fish

    Any snail species that can go with a Oscar and Royal Pleco-(finished)-

    One of my apple snails died recently to old age and im wondering what types of snails I could get. As I have said in the title i have one oscar and a royal pleco.I have many breeding tanks so if there baby's i can just stick them in those. I have one apple snail left and a couple randoms along...
  10. K

    Pleco fell in hot water!

    Hello, I was deep cleaning my tank yesterday when I thought I had gotten all the decor out safely with my albino bristlenose pleco still in the tank. Turns out he was hiding in the decor still even after shaking it around and dunking it in and out of the water. So I used my shower to spray down...
  11. E

    Advice for Treating Columnaris

    Background Info on Tank: 10 G (cycling since 5.7.22) 3F Molly 3(?) Yo-Yo Loach 2(?) Bristlenose Pleco Temp: 78-80˚F pH: ~7.8 Ammonia: ~*0 ppm; ~**0.5 ppm Nitrites: ~*0 ppm; ~**0 ppm Nitrates: ~*40 ppm; ~**30 ppm *: as of 6.18.22 **: as of 7.2.22 **Note: Im not a professional, just a new...
  12. un-erasable pencil

    Pleco has redness on edge of fin

    Hi, I noticed my pleco having some redness on the edge of his fin. I'm not exactly sure why but I suspect my tiger barbs are nipping him. Otherwise he eats well and doesn't seem to be stressed but I was wondering in anyone knows what this could be and what I can do about it. In case anyone is...
  13. Falconwithaboxon

    RIP Paul

    My Columbian Spotted Pleco, Paul, has died. I was on a trip and don't know for sure why but I believe he drowned or starved. When I got back he was sitting on the bottom which is normal for a pleco but then I noticed a few minutes later that he still had not moved. He was stuck in some of the...
  14. R

    Pleco with blisters?

    I am closely monitoring my pleco and I am trying to diagnose and treat what looks like bloody bloster on the belly of my pleco. It had these once before and they clear up with 20% water changes daily, stress zyme, increased water temp, and a good bacteria ball. I would like to know what these...
  15. 0

    Getting more fish questions

    Hey yall, I figured this would be that best place to ask what fish can gi with my fish as i cannot get any info. I currently have 1 peacock eel, 1 bottle nose pleco, and 2, 3 spot gouramis. I and looking at getting 2 new fish to complete this tank any suggestions? Thanks alot!
  16. Tl52505

    Pleco glass surfing

    During the day my pleco is usually at a spot on the glass behind a rock for most of the day but sometimes repositions. I know they are more active at night, but it it normal for him to be constantly moving all around the glass. I watched him for like 15 mins and he just goes up and down all over...
  17. Eardz

    Calico or Super Red Bristlenose Pleco?

    Hi all, The following bristlenose was sold to me as a Super Red. I thought that it potentially looked calico? What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  18. S

    Bristlenose pleco guarding eggs??

    Hi, I recently got a male albino bristlenose pleco, unknown to me at the time because I’m only a year into fish keeping… I must’ve had all female bristlenoses in my tank already when I got him because none of the other have spikes even half as big as his… Anyway, since he has been in the tank...
  19. K

    Pleco Cancer?

    Hello! I joined to ask you all what you think. Is my Pleco sick? I’m leaning towards a tumour at this point. He didn’t have it when I first got him about five-six weeks ago and it’s been slowly getting bigger. None of my other fish are sick. Thanks for your help!
  20. Lo Ki Gorgeous

    Do you know what kind of pleco this is?

    Hi guys I recently got a 54 litre (14.2 gallons) aquarium from the Danish equivalent of Craigslist. It had this beautiful pleco in it and the lady said that she THINKS he (or she) is fully grown. He/she is about 9-10 cm (3.5 - 3.9 inches) As far as I know most plecos can get quite big.. Is...