1. Guyb93

    I forgot that plecos are

    I actually forgot how boring plecos really are , lucky they grow so big or else you would never see them , iv had my l200 for a month now and it’s name has been changed from shrek to Anne frank Cus all it does is hide my brother asked me the other day so what’s your most valuable fish I said...
  2. Lgoldman

    BN pleco spiraling?

    Last night I boiled a small amount of romaine lettuce, red cabbage, and carrot. I left this in my 20 gallon tank overnight and removed it the next day. In the morning, my pleco‘s stomach was blue and a tiny bit big, but it seemed normal. I had a piece of lettuce in the tank attached to an algae...
  3. C

    Bristlenose female or male?

    Hi, I did post about this bristlenose a couple of weeks ago. I had a hunch it was male when bought as female. Since a couple of weeks ago, his/her bristles have grown even more. And grown on his/her head - which by my understanding would mean it was male but I’m no expert so wanted to check to...
  4. Lgoldman

    Questions about Molly/platy fry

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with three mollies, three platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. Yesterday I noticed fry in the tank. I’m not sure how old they are, but there were only a few left by the time I saw them. I was going to leave them in the tank but I felt bad and ended up moving the two...
  5. Lgoldman

    Nerite snails had babies in freshwater

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with mollies, platys, a albino bristle nose pleco, and two nerite snails. Today I came home to both fish fry (I’m not sure if they are mollies or platys, and I am not removing them because I do not care if they survive), and at least one baby snail. I’m not surprised...
  6. JamieTYV

    What is this on my BN Pleco?

    Hi, So I recently noticed some white cotton-ish growth on my male BN, around his gills - started on only one side and then quickly became evident on the other side too. I immediately took some photos and went to my LFS who suggested its probably a fungus (i suspected this!). I purchased some...
  7. JamieTYV


    Hello! Fingers crossed someone can help... I have a large, established tank with a variety of fish, my parameters have been good and stable for a long time... 6 x peppered corys 1 x Male Betta 6 x Female Bettas 6 x Glass Catfish 1 x Female BN Pleco Recently I introduced a Male BN Pleco in the...
  8. Mizz_MayDK

    My tanks

    Just an overview of my tanks: 360L Akvastabil Mark 2 tank (new tank without any fish yet - planning on having Malawi cichlids in it. 190L Juwel Trigon corner tank. This was the first tank I invested in and I have a mix of Red Juwel and Demasoni cichlids, clown loaches, bronze corys, a couple...
  9. Mizz_MayDK

    Female aquarist in Denmark

    Hi there I'm originally English but I live in Denmark. I'm fairly new to the hobby - and I've gone ALL in ... within 5 months I've gone from 0 to 7 tanks (360L, 250L, 190L, 150L, 125L, 40L, 20L) and I'm planning on a rack system with 3 x 80L ... I have got the rack system and the aquariums, but...
  10. Guyb93

    Replacing my pleco

    A few weeks back I lost my beloved flopper the sailfin pleco his death was unknown at 12inchs he was a rescue fish so don’t know the age but nether the Less he’s gone ... I didn’t plan on getting another pleco for many reasons .. mainly it’s still too soon to fill his place and my plants are...
  11. G

    Pleco with just veggies...

    This might sound silly but could a pleco just survive on vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, spinach, cabbage etc.(these are the ones I've fed to mine pleco) without any special pleco food and algae wafers...
  12. C

    Do plecos make noises?

    This is a strange one. I have a smaller 60l tank in my bedroom and it is on the cabinet that is beside my bed. I for a while kept just neon tetras cherry shrimp and peppered corys in it and all was grand at night. However I have very recently added a small bristlenose pleco and now the...
  13. C

    Please identify this species

    Hi everyone I am from the UK and as anyone who's from here will be aware we have a pet store chain called jolleys. Well I recent went to jolleys and I bought for £5 what I thought was a bristlenose pleco as that's what they had it advertised. I am now beginning to believe it is not a...
  14. Falconwithaboxon

    What Pleco Species Is This?

    I've had a pleco since August and I have no idea what type he is. I got him from PetSmart but there was no species listed, all it says is Pleco (Large). It said his minimum tank size is 20 gallons but a lot of the PetSmart listings seem to be incorrect. I need to know because I'm not sure if...
  15. J

    Baby pleco tank size

    Hey, I have a baby common pleco in a tank right now with a couple of guppies. I might have to get rid of my guppies though, and if I do, the tank is going with them, but I want to keep my pleco. I have this big, wide vase that I was thinking I’ll throw a moss ball, maybe a piece of bark or a...
  16. AmberLucy

    What’s this pleco?

    We have had this pleco for quite a while now but I’m not sure what he is. The fish shop weren’t sure either. The pictures aren’t the best but he’s very shy so doesn’t come out too often. He also has slight red tips on his fins. I’ve looked online but not found any similar. Any ideas what he is?
  17. C

    Is my Bristlenose a male or female?

    Hi, I was just wondering whether my pleco is a male or female please? I always believed him to be a male but it never really mattered as I only had him but now I’m considering getting him/her a friend. Thanks
  18. LuluH

    Help needed to identify a changing catfish

    Hello ! I bought this little fella or lady 6 months ago and it was 2 inches long , I have a 220litre tank so room to grow. It hid for many months,.. it was black and white/nude coloured brain lobe patterning that attracted me .. however... I love it but its changed to a dark and mid brown ( see...
  19. Natabettas

    Can anyone help me identify this baby?

    I know someone who’s buying a tank for a lizard and it’s currently being used as a fish tank so they asked if I could take this guy/girl. I’m not sure what they are tho so If anyone could help me out so I would know if I have a tank that will suit them. Thanks 😊
  20. S

    Male or female

    I have 2 butterfly pelco’s we are trying to find out if they are male or female. They always try to get under one another and lay on top of one another