stocking 45L tank

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Apr 18, 2016
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Hi guys, so my 45L tank had been housing a dwarf gourami, but sadly he died this week. I have three purple harlequin rasbora in there at the mo (originally 6), and am trying to decide how to restock it. (I can move the rasbora if need be depending on what I go for, or rebuild the shoal)

My original plan (before using it for my gourami) was to get a cockatoo apisto, or pair of (I seem to only see them for sale in pairs) but that depends on whether a 50cm tank would be sufficient for them (I've read various contradicting info). I would also need to do a little re-scaping I think - got a good piece of bogwood root on the way, and a couple of other rock caves I can stick in there.

Other possibilities are to stick with gourami, but go for either a pair of honey gourami or a small group of sparkling gourami, or move the three killis I have in a small 30L tank into this one, expand my killi group and try a betta in the 30L tank.

all tanks mature with
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 12.5 (my tap water is 20, eugh)
pH 7.4
GH 15

I know from the last time I was trying to stock this tank that I could get away with the cockatoo apisto with my water parameters, it's the tank size and M/F ratios I'm not sure on. Presumably one male would be fine, don't expect it would be wise to have a M/F pair in such as small space but I'm sure you guys will be able to enlighten me!


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