1. rianna21

    What is up with my Danio?

    Hi, I’ve attached a youtube video of my Danio which I have had for maybe 3 months now. The last few weeks its been looking really chubby and has an extra kind of hump under its chin. Now it seems to be breathing quickly and keeping away from the others. Is it pregnant and going to lay eggs...
  2. M

    Help! Pleco looks ill.

    Hi Advice needed please. My pleco has a large portion of skin on his back that has peeled off. At first I thought it could be slightly burned as he mostly hides behind the heater. But as its worsened I fear it could be an infection. I am adding rock salt to the tank regularly, doing water...
  3. Allaboutcichlids

    Flowerhorn excreting weird white balls!!!!!

    Hi, I am looking for some advice. As shown in the pictures, my flowerhorn has just started excreting white lumps. I am not sure if this is normal or if this is the start of an illness. He is eating well and looks to be in full health (no body/fin damage). I have not changed his diet (other than...
  4. I

    Betta Fish Sick

    My betta (half a year old) is staying at the bottom of the tank and not going up to feed. I've seen him try to swim a few times and he can, but only for a few seconds before he quickly returns back to the ground. I think he can't keep his balance? He seems to move a bit sideways when he rests...
  5. Nebula

    My fighter looks ill and weak need urgent help!!!

    Hi, the last week or so I've realized my fighter has been getting weaker and weaker until the last few days where he's been laying on the gravel, today I have notice that there is odd colouring on his gills and think it may be a disease or parasites but can't tell what it is, I have attached...
  6. kitta98

    My Dwarf Gourami seems really ill.

    My dwarf gourami has been pretty shy since i got him. I rarely saw him and I don't think i've ever seen him feed. I thought it was because he was new. Then I took out all my fish last week and done a water change. And he was even more shy. I had to check behind the plants to find him because I...
  7. P

    Ulcer on Dwarf Gourami

    Hi all, When cleaning my tank today I noticed a red/white ulcer on the nose of my Dwarf Gourami. It's can only have appeared in the last couple of days as I examined the fish earlier this week. He's been in there since I got the tank in January. Nothing new has been added to the tank, however I...
  8. J

    Pleco rash?

    Hello , I am fairly new to fish keeping and if you have seen my other thread i did not get off to a good start. This time it is a question about my 75ltr tank and my 2 plecos that currently live in it. I have just managed to rescue my tank from NTS and i am worried about one f my plecos. He...
  9. F

    Please Help Me With My Gourami I Dont Know If He Is Ill Or Injured

    Hey guys first post but really need help, i recently bought a gourami fish well 2 and one of them has gotted either scraped or is ill, im only a noob but i have a feeling its a illness Please help
  10. D


    I have a marble molly who i cant tell the sex. they wee fine earlier today and then i came home and they were laying at the bottom of the tank. I isolated them in a cup and theyre trying to eat but sink everytime they try to swim. What can I do? Im really concerned and dont want to lose them.
  11. K

    I Need Help, Sick Weather Loach (Pictures!)

    Hi everyone, first of all I'd like to apologize because I don't know some proper terms, english is not my mother tongue. I would really appreciate if someone would give my advice, my loach is letargic and has white "smears" on his back. The disease seems to also have attacked his gills because...
  12. E

    Ill Guppy Tail Growth

    A couple of weeks ago one of my male guppies died, his tail became clumped together and he was unable to swim properly. One of my other guppies has just started showing signs of this today, however his tail is not as clumped together as much as the other guppy. Is this an infection or fungus and...
  13. SWerbenjagermanjensen#1

    Rainbow Fish Refuses To Eat, Clear Poop

    A day or two ago my Boesemani rainbow fish started to refuse to eat. I'm really worried I'm going to lose him, any help would be greatly appreciated.   Tank size: 55g pH: approx. 7 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0 tank temp: 78F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color...
  14. B

    ****experienced Guppy Help****

    Hi, ive got 6 guppy tanks and 5 of them are fine but one (red albinos) are not well. They have been in there for 2 months now, when i bought the two pairs they were 3 months old and one actually dropped a few fry within a week. Now normally id keep them in a ratio of 1:3/4 but the males now of a...
  15. P

    Sick Platies :-(

    Plattie looking sick I have a 25l tank with 2 platies, 2 corys and a shrimp. I recently added one of the corys and the shrimp and now one of my platies is sick. :-( he seems to be clamping his fins, has stringy poo and I have seen him flash a few times but only when feeding off the bottom of the...
  16. F

    Zebra Danio With Curved Spine

    Hi All,   I've had a female zebra danio with a curved spine for about a year and half, The danio is fine apart from it's slightly hunch backed and quite fat looking, It eats fine, swims fine acts like nothing is wrong, I've heard this can happen from the amount of inbreeding in the species. My...
  17. H

    My New Dwarf Gourmani Is Really Ill

    hi, yesterday i got 8 new fish including 2 dwarf gourmanis, this morning 1 of them was lying on the bottom of the tank, gasping for breath, and i noticed it had a patch of mould growing of one side of its head, its tail also looked freyed and tattered. I have medicated the tank with some anti...
  18. M

    My Fish Are Ill

    hi, sorry for the long post but i need advicr :( I'm relatively new to keeping fish,I have had the tank for 6 to 7 months andnthe only problem I have had so far is a bit of cloudy water right at the begining. the other night my guppy died but I didn't think much of this because he was a few...
  19. Moolly

    Corydoras Nearly Dead?!

    So I bought 4 new Corys (pretty sure the shop advertised them as Corydoras sp. columbia). And the past few days one in particular has been looking off - paler than normal, and noticeably smaller in size than the others. Yesterday when I looked in the tank it looked dead - was upside down on the...
  20. Jenni T

    Very Ill Shebunkin; Please Help Diagnose

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me with my shebunkin, he's been ill on and off for a while and nothing seems to be working to help him, and he's suddenly got worse in the last couple of days. He's in a 70 litre tank with one blackmoore. They're both about 2inches long (not including...