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Sep 19, 2012
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Hi, ive got 6 guppy tanks and 5 of them are fine but one (red albinos) are not well. They have been in there for 2 months now, when i bought the two pairs they were 3 months old and one actually dropped a few fry within a week. Now normally id keep them in a ratio of 1:3/4 but the males now of a good size dont really pester the females very much. And ive noticed both females havent dropped any fry in 8 weeks. They have stayed big and a little boxy, as if constantly a week off dropping fry.
Now the males dont show any signs of illness execept maybe not being as annoying to the females as they should. Its the two females im worried about. One just constantly sits in the top corner of the tank, and the other just stays in the bottom corner until a male comes along or some food is offered. They all eat well and poo well. But dont swim about like normal guppies. They dont gasp at waters surface. my tests are the same as all my other guppy tanks, ph 7.4 / 0 / 0 / 5ppm, so im at a loss whats up with these girls.
Theres no real signs of ilness as i said theyre still quite chunky. WHAT I HAVE NOTICED is sometimes when the females are sat still they occassionally clamp and un clamp their tail fin dont know if thats anything. Ive also noticed JUST ABOVE the gravid area (which is orangey in colour in these fish) there has appeared an small area around 5mm big that looks kind of as if theres a space inside her. its kinda got a pearlescent look to it. Now i dont know wether this is just bcos they r albinos or wether theres an issue there.
So to summerise: 2 female albinos sat on water surface, good body size not thin but havent dropped any fry in 2 months. Eating well but occasionally clamping and unclamping fins.
Please help im at a loss.
I call it water cow syndrome. It happens all the time in really well cared for tanks. My females get super huge and lazy some just lay at the top in my water sprites and live as food filters or sit at the bottom in a favorite shell or corner. Couple solutions I have found that works-
1.) Kick up the current get that chunkster on a treadmill lol add a bubbler or something
2.) Get some new males- I don't know why but I've found albino guppy strains tend to get wussy and lethargic it's always good to find some new blood for them my friend and I swap albino's for that very reason.
3.) Switch your foods -most flake is not enough on it's own to support a strain they need more than potato chips -I also give them Tubifex and bloodworms and live foods like daphnia and mosquito larvae(tis' the season) will pep them right up-I'd try that first.

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