1. B

    Two Fish Addicts

    My husband, myself and I are fish addicts. We have 20 aquariums and four indoor ponds. I started off keeping goldfish and koifish in my indoor ponds. My husband started of keeping swordtails, guppies, platys, endlers, gold dust and sailfins in freshwater tanks. We now have black water tanks...
  2. P

    How Do I Know When It's Time For My Platy To Give Birth?

    just a couple questions about my pregnant platy, and again it's my first time with pregnant fish! i keep hearing the ways to tell like they'll be squared off like this kinda \__/ and they'll get the gravid spot but it's still not really easy for a first timer to identify those things, can anyone...
  3. S

    Gray Plattys Pregnant

    Hey Everyone,  I am new in this hobby, but I am very excited with it( I actually talk to my fish in the morning, and they know when I  am gonna feed them). Anyways, I have a tank with 1 Big Angel Fish , 7 tetras, and 3 Playes. My platys don't last too long except for a silver female that I call...
  4. H

    Platy Fry Filter Recommendations?

    So I'm new to this forum though am a somewhat experienced fish keeper but not so much with fry. I currently have around 60 platy fry (from 2 mothers... Experimenting with colour mixes. Luckily for me my LFS is happy to take them off my hands when 2cm). The platy fry are currently in two 15L...
  5. B

    Platy Fry - Need Some Tips!

    Hey guys I'm new to TFF but I am an ok (somewhat experienced) fish owner. I don't seem to have any real problems, I am just in need of some tips! So I have 6 platys in a divided tank (15 gallons), two females and one male on each side, with a betta on each side as well (hence the divided...
  6. M

    New Wagtail Platy Owner With Unexpected Fry!

    I acquired 3 wagtail platys a month ago and had the first fry about 10 days ago. We managed to move 6 to a separate tank before they were eaten and have 2 maybe 3 still alive. We haven't kept fish before so it's been a bit of a minefield. Our main tank isn't the right shape for a breeder box so...
  7. B

    New Platy Flicking

    Hi everyone, I got 4 new platys yesterday, today I noticed one of them flicking on the bogwood and plastic leaves. No other signs of ich, should I put the medicine in just in case or is there anything else I can do? Any positive advice would be welcome!!
  8. J

    Is My Platy Preganant?

    Is my platy pregnant? The guy from my lfs said she was but that was two weeks ago.
  9. F

    Is My Platy Nearing Birth?

    Hi everyone got 2 pregnant platys for pet shop 1 gave birth yesterday so have 13 fry The other one is pregnant and have put in a tank of it's own to hopefully save fry she is swimming from one end of the tank to the other quite fast and has pooped a lot today I am wondering if it's got long to...
  10. F

    Community Tank Advice.

    Hi I recently bought a 90 litre aquarium and it currently contains 5 Neon Tetra's the amonium and nitrate levels are all 0 and the fish seem lively and happy. I am planning on gradually planning on building up my aquarium to contain 10 Neons, 3-5 Platy's, 3-5 Guppies and 2 Dwarf Loaches. I have...
  11. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Tank Aerator?

    Hey Guys!   So this is my first post so ill tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ryan, im 13 and I am an aquarium enthusiast!  A couple of years ago I had a 30g livebearer tank and it went downhill from my lack of knowledge on cycling and just immature keeping in general. So I now have...
  12. S

    Raising Fry

    My blue wag platy Topaz gave birth on May 20. I got home from work and noticed two tiny shiny things in my tank, I netted them out and put them in a breeding net attached to the side of my tank. The tank is 10 gallons and is home to my three platties and now one baby. I went to feed the fish...
  13. Mamashack

    Concave Belly On Juvenile Male Platy

    I have just noticed that one of my juvenile male platies has a funny-shaped belly. Instead of making a convex shape his belly looks concave as tho he is holding it in and his bottom line is parallel to his top line. It does not appear to cause any any problems other than I have noticed he tends...
  14. K

    Help With My Platy Please

    My Platy just started spinning around. I moved him over to the breeding tank so I can keep an eye on him. I can’t see any issue with him physically and apart from the spinning he is acting normal. I bought him from Pets at Home just over a month ago. I have a few other Platies and a pleco and...
  15. F

    Platy Hiding Behind Filter?

    Okay first of all I'm pretty new to fish keeping (well 6 months in..)+the forums, and I wasn't sure where this topic should go so please forgive me. But anyway. For the last couple of days one of my platys has been hanging around by the filter in my 17L tank (yes I know to small but I've got a...
  16. Sharknado99

    Platy Getting Stuck In Filter Constantly

    Hi all   Not sure if I put this in the right place, but I have one particular platy that keeps getting stuck in my Juwel 180L filter. I've rescued him 3 times now and today he is back in there. I have no idea how he gets there in the first place. I have 3 platies and 3 mollies and NONE of them...
  17. N

    Male Platy Problem

    Hey Folks,   brand new to the forum and pretty new to fishkeeping, though i seem to have been rather bitten by the bug.   We recently (10 weeks) bought a 19 litre Tank for my youngest son, as much to head off demands for a dog! and now i wonder if a dog might not have taken less time and effort...
  18. R


    My tank currently has: 30 Gallons. six guppies. Six platy's. Four sword tail. All breeding has seemed to stop, one girl is two months over due and should be having her babies once again, though right now I'm treating the water for bacteria. How long until after they are ready to start breeding...
  19. StarfireGraves

    Breeding Question

    Ello,   Im not too new or anything (I don't have years but I know enough to keep my fish alive, happy and healthy) I just have a random question I want to ask;   Can a Guppy and Platy breed? I breed both platys and guppys and I was just wondering because I have always kept them in seperate...
  20. Mamashack

    Amusing Stand-Off At The Ok Corale!(Aka 60L Platy Tank)

    Thought some members might find this amusing An amano shrimp was hanging on for dear life to a pellet meant for the platies. One of the platies clearly took exception to this and the result is this photo Add your own amusing conversation - mine goes like this: Platy: Oi matey I believe that's...