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  1. C

    Platy with curved body and swimming strangely

    Hi, I have had a tank going since June last year and all has been well. Recently I have noticed 2 of my sunset platys acting strange. At first just one but now both of them appeared to be curved and are swimming round in circles or sitting at the bottom of the tank.Any ideas what is wrong?
  2. D

    Hey Glugs? Lol

    Hey guys, hope you’re all well. I’ve kept koi for awhile now but I’ve recently done my first aquascape. I’ve signed up because this is all new to me and I’m hoping I can get some great advice. I have a half open top tank and that's why the water is lower by 8 inches from the top if any fish...
  3. GothFishKeeper

    My fish just got fed A LOT of peas

    Okay so I originally thought my platy was pregnant, but it’s been well over a month since she’s been so big so I’m pretty sure she has bloat. I heard that feeding fish peas would help bloat, so I thawed a handful of frozen peas in water and dropped a few in. Then I went out for a couple hours...
  4. GothFishKeeper

    My name is Payton

    Hi, my name is Payton (GothFishKeeper) and I currently have a 20G tank with 7 live plants (1 Amazon Sword, 4 Anubias Barteri, and 2 bundles of hornwort wrapped around a medium sized spider wood branch in the center of the tank) and 10 fish (1 Dwarf Gourami M, 5 Mollies 4F & 1M, 2 Platys 1F & 1M...
  5. JackGulley

    A Beginner's 20g Long Aquarium (Platys + Pygmy Corys)

    Hi, I'm a relatively new member here, but you might have seen me already. I first took an interest in fish tanks this fall, and for my birthday in October my dad's coworker gave me their used 20 gallon. It's been up and running for about 3 months now, and I feel like it's really coming together...
  6. K

    Pregnant Platy?

    Hi! I’m new to livebearers and think one (possibly two) of my platys is pregnant. Can anyone tell for sure? My apologies that the pics are not super clear.
  7. G

    White spot on platy?!

    Hello, I got up this morning and noticed this white spot by my platys eye. I’ve not seen anything like it before but look sort of red aswell? Any help or ideas of what it could be would be greatly appreciated!
  8. A

    platy losing colour, gills turning silver and transparent

    one of my platys has a silver patch that has been growing. the silver patch appears to be loss of colour. it's not raised and it doesn't look like a cottony growth. her gills are become transparent and i think i'm seeing is the structure of her gills. 8 days ago today the silver patch was...
  9. T

    Platy fish mouth erosion!!

    My Platy fish is the only adult fish in the tank & its top lip seems to have eroded it seems. It look sore and she’s been less active hovering at the top of the tank. There isn’t noticeable whiteness around the mouth and my water parameters are perfect. It’s making me super sad!! I want her to...
  10. M

    There’s something wrong with this young Platy.

    I think it’s far too small to have swallowed a rock and too young to be pregnant. I don’t know what to do :(
  11. P

    Platy has one cloudy eye. Please help!

    Hi I’m new to tropical fish in general. I got 5 Platy fish from my local store and have them in a 10 gallon tank. There are also two ghost shrimps. I’m posting today to ask about my fish as I am very worried that one may not be doing so well. It has one cloudy eye and red gills. The other...
  12. Billokas

    Southern platy fish with white stringy poop, not eating and staying in the surface

    Hi Everyone, I am worried about my platies. I have 4 in total, 2 mickey mouse (which are fine) and 2 Southern. Last week one of the southern stop eating, hence the white poop, lost weight and was kinda isolating herself since yesterday the other platy started to have the same behavior. Last...
  13. D

    Livebearer white tail disease?

    Hi all, After a few years I decided to convert my 30 gallon gourami tank into a livebearer community tank. I re-homed the last surviving gourami and added 4 platys, 9 guppies and 8 tetra. Stupidly I didn’t quarantine in any way and now regretting it (I’m not an experienced fish keeper I’ve only...
  14. R

    Platy’s mouth won’t close, not eating, very lethargic, gave birth recently

    Tank size: 20 gallons Tank age: ~8 years pH: 7 Temp: 77 F Ammonia / nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 5ppm gH & kH: both 4 This has a bit of background - please read! I'm desperate! My boyfriend recently cycled a 40 gallon tank. He wanted platys, and went to LFS to get some. They had a very pregnant...
  15. S

    Is she gravid?

  16. R

    Possible pregnant swordtail

    Hi I’m new to fish keeping and I’m thinking one of my swordtail are pregnant? I’m wondering if anyone could confirm this and possible know roughly how long it will be until she has fry? Thanks in advance:)
  17. S

    Platy top fin frayed?

    Hey, I've noticed the top fin of one of my platies has changed in the past week or so.It looks frayed/splayed out, almost as if you've taken a few threads from a woven material if you get what I mean! I have attached a pic of anyone could help me understand the change, thanks ☺️
  18. H

    Need help figuring out if fish are platys or mollies

    Hello. I purchased some fish today that were labeled as platys but now that I see them in the tank I'm not sure if they are platys or mollies, especially the one in the second photo. Can anyone help me identify them? Thank you.
  19. G

    Platy pregnant HELP 1 of 3

    Hi is my platy pregnant? I have 3 platys, 2 that look pretty identical, so I’ll post them separately. Here is one of three. If so, how many more weeks or days should I expect? Fish #1
  20. ella777

    White poop from platy?

    I have a question, my female swordtail eats a lot. She is about 3 inches long. She is rather fat, I'm not sure if shes pregnant or just overweight. I rescued her from a friend, she was living in a very small tank with a single plastic plant and two other very unhappy fish. A guppy and a platy...