1. Ama

    Help!.... Need advise to cure my fish

    Today i noticed protruding scales on my platy and i immediately changed it into another tank, However, fish seems healthy for me and no swollen belly. Is that the sign of dropsy. What are the effective methods to cure the disease. And how to stop spreading the disease to other fish
  2. B

    Please help! Platy will not give birth!

    Hello, I have had this mickey mouse platy for over a month and I bought her pregnant from the pet store (unbeknownst to me at the time). My roommate and I REALLY noticed how pregnant she looked Monday of last week. We have since went out and bought another 10 gallon tank to keep her in until...
  3. S

    Aggression all Around (platy)

    I have been having some trouble with platies in a 10 gallon tank. About four months ago I went out and got for platies just for fun because I was considering getting into fish keeping. At the time I did not know but I ended up discovering that two of the platies were male two of them were female...
  4. wolfgirlj

    New Female Platy is Hiding, is it Because of My Guppy?

    Tank is 20 gallon 1 dwarf gourami 2 mystery snails 6 neon tetras 1 female guppy 1 female platy (added two days ago) The last water change was the day before I got the platy, and water conditions matched the store conditions. The platy has seemed a little on edge since added, but not darting...
  5. tydgie

    how can I tell my platy will give birth? please help

    I've had my 4 platys for about 5 months now, 2 females and 2 males I realised. one of my platys seems to be pregnant but has been "pregnant" for a while now, 2 months atleast (when I know should be a few weeks) . how will I know she is about to give birth specifically? her black mark and her...
  6. K

    Male platy bullying other male

    Hi, I have 4 platys, two male and 2 female (complete accident, just bought 4 and didn't realise the sex) the larger of the males has been nipping at the smaller younger male and causing quite a bit of damage, I know this is probably due to wanting to mate but Im just looking for a bit of advice...
  7. Ingrid

    Platys and guppies

    Can you keep platys and guppies in the same tank?
  8. F

    Lethargic limp male platy

    I’m totally winging my aquarium and as you will quickly find out, I have no idea what I’m doing. Tank size: 20+, I inherited the tank as a thank you for helping a friend move pH: maybe 7.8? I don’t really understand how I’m supposed to read the indicator ammonia: <0.02ppm nitrite: no idea...
  9. H

    One platy pale with clamped fins, the other one fine

    Hi all, Ive got a 29gal planted tank with 5 corydoras, 2 pygmy cories (because I had five in another tank with a betta and she turned out to be a murderer, I'm getting more soon), a very docile female betta, and two platies. Last week I noticed that one of my platies had clamped fins. I assumed...
  10. R

    Platys-pregnant or constipated??

    this seems like a stupid question, but i really don’t know. I’m not even sure if they are male or female. We got them from a neighbor when they were babies about 2 months ago. How can you tell the difference? I gave them a few peas today to see if that helps? 2 of the 3 have a bloated belly, the...
  11. M

    Platy help needed please!

    Hey, I’ve recently started up a 22l tank and after a steep learning curve decided I was ready to add 2 new Platy to the tank yesterday. They seemed in good spirits and settled well yesterday and looked good throughout the day but over the last few hours one of them has developed this strange...
  12. A

    New female platy does not eat and stays at bottom of tank

    Hello! I have a female platy that I just bought 3 days ago. Everytime i look at her she is staying at the bottom of the tank swimming just enough so it is stationary. It does not eat even if i drop food in front of her. It is in a 25 litre tank with a male platy and 2 other bigger fish from a...
  13. M

    Pregnant Platy Or Dropsy

    i think I may have a pregnant platy or she may have dropsy I’ve put her into a breeder box for safety of fry (if she is pregnant) will upload a picture with post too any help is appreciated. If pregnant how long before birth?
  14. C

    Platy with suspected fin rot

    Hi I just want some advice with my platys. I bought them a couple of days ago and noticed one had abit of its fin missing, I couldn't tell if it was fun rotior if it had been nipped. So I started treating it with api's melafix and pimafix and currently on the 5th day of treatment. But there's no...
  15. Brittany Borden

    Help Please.....Tumor?

    Hello, I have an orange Platy who has developed what seems like overnight a large tumor. I noticed when I was adding two new guppies to the tank. I took a picture to the local fish store the first day I noticed and they didn’t know what it was so they gave me a cure all. I put him in a...
  16. S

    Platies laying on bottom of tank?

    i’ve Had this tank set up and run for 5 months with no real issues, however all my platies are now laying on the bottom / in decorations. Currently treating the tank for ick, however the platies don’t look infected. 2 female sunburst platies 1 female and 1 male red wag platy I added the 2...
  17. B

    Dying fish - we're new to aquariums!

    Hi Everyone! Hoping someone can help. Long story... We have a 5 week old 20 gallon tank. This is our second tank...three months ago we started out with a 10 gallon. We had 3 platys and 2 guppies, and one of the platys had babies. 4 survived. We had one platy that seemed sick for several weeks -...
  18. Jackee

    Male platy with red around gills/big belly

    Hi everyone, Could someone tell me if my poor little platy might have internal parasites or what you think could be wrong with him? I have had him a few weeks and thought it was strange he would have such a round belly advantage a his gills are red. I also purchased 2 females at that...
  19. E

    Hampshire - Free Platy Fry (Red/Orange Wagtail x Blue Tuxedo)

    I've got about 10ish Platy fry going for free. I cannot support them and need them gone ASAP. Varying ages of about 4 weeks to 12 weeks. I'm in the Southampton area, but willing to drive within the area to deliver. Can also collect.
  20. C

    Platy with Whitish Spot on Chin

    Tank size: 10 gallons pH: don’t know ammonia: 0 ppm nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: <5 ppm kH: don’t know gH: don’t know tank temp: 75 F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Ok here’s the story folks. I’ve been planning to add another platy to my...