1. S

    Platy Hiding

    A while back I was gone for 2 weeks on vacation. My 10gal tank had 2 male platies and 4 golden tetras. We came back, and one platy was completely missing, so we assumed it either died and was eaten somehow, or a cat got to it. Now though, the remaining platy hides constantly and only comes out...
  2. J

    Poorly platy,swimming funny, any advice?

    Ok I'm new to this forum but looking for some advice please as other forums have just kind of ignored my plea for help! I have a poorly platy, everything has been fine up until this morning where he's just started swimming erratically and kinda doing back flips and all sorts. All my others seen...
  3. D

    Molly needs help

    Hi, I purchased a molly 3 weeks ago and he is experiencing weird behaviour that I don't know what it is. I placed him in a 120 gallon cycled tank along with other species. Whenever I saw him acting strange a few days ago, I transfered him to a quarantine tank. He is the only one in the tank...
  4. A

    Male Platy Injured?

    Hello, I am a fairly new fish owner. We started our 20 gal tank in January and have 3 lamp eye tetras, male and female Platy pair and 4 rio tetras. Recently the Platys are not doing so hot. The female is hinding the the log all day. Only comes out for feedings and the male looks nipped in his...
  5. L

    Platy Swimming Straight Down After Levamisole

    My new (as of 3 weeks ago) guppy started getting emaciated and swimming funny. Too late, I figured out it was the camallanus worm (unmistakable- he had the red spider-like worms peeking out of his anal vent). I did a lot of thorough online research and ordered Levamisole from Subquaria to treat...
  6. WillowDryad

    Bisexual platy?

    I have a red wag platy that will not leave my big calico (cant remember exact name) platy male alone. He tries to use his gonopodium on him all day long. I had another Micky male in the tank I had to move because red would dart at him, so I don't believe it's territorial. He likes the female...
  7. J

    One platy fins looks like it has been attacked

    Hello, I have a 75 litre fish tank that has 4 neon tetras and 5 platys in 2 female and 3 male. Yesterday i noticed that one of the female platys was just floating in the current of the tank putting in just enough effort to keep stable in the water.on closer inspection i noticed her fins have...
  8. V

    29 Gallon Angelfish Community Suggestions

    After a mass-die off of guppies in my 29 gallon planted tank, I've made the decision to restock the tank in a few weeks and I really want a pair of angelfish in the tank. However, I also have 2 platies and would like to add a few more of them to have a small school of fish in addition to the...
  9. V

    Sudden Change In Fish Behavior Overnight

    Hi everyone, So just yesterday my fish were all swimming around happily in my 29 gallon planted tank. I got this tank a while back, cycled it for two to three weeks, and just added the fish two weeks ago. The fish I had were: 6 guppies from my previous tank, which was running for four months...
  10. S

    Possible gill flukes and white spot? :/

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice please because I'm feeling a little out of my depth. I had a 58 litre tank with a couple of Sterbai Cory and a few guppies which exploded on the guppy population. I upgraded them to a 125 litre around the start of December last year and cycled the tank...
  11. C


    Hello. we have had 2 female platys for about a month now and one has had problems for some time. This morning we noticed that she has been lying on her side at the bottom of the tank and hardly moving. when she does try to swim, she freaks out and leans to the side and kind of barrel rolls She...
  12. N

    HELP! Is my platy pregnant??

    I am new to this hobby and I need to know if my platy is pregnant as I will need to get the proper equipment! Thanks so much
  13. BOGaming_

    Platy fry pregnant or sick?!!

    Okay so i'm not sure if i can call my platy fry anymore. I have two pregnant platies in a tank waiting to give birth and about 4 months ago there was a batch of fry, later there are 3 now grown to the size of a neon tetra. All are females and are housed with 2 males. One female has a much...
  14. BOGaming_

    Breeding Tank Journal (Project X)

    I thought this would be a good way to keep track of my fish breeding project!   I have an amazing breeding project in mind that i want to do, right now i'm focusing on platy fish. I'm still waiting for them to give birth but love and behold i found one platy about 3 days ago and he's been such a...
  15. BOGaming_

    Do I Need A Filter? [Important]

    Hello all, So basically I'm expecting fry anytime this week. This is a repeat of my preg fish from about a month ago but sadly they all died because at the time i was new and did not meet the fry requirements. I currently have 1 fry i am raising in my main tank (in a hatchery) who is doing very...
  16. S

    New To The Hobby, Fish Are Dying

    Hi everyone, so I am new to the hobby of keeping fish, and also new to this forum (I hope I'm posting this in the right topic) So we've had fish since somewhere in September 2015. We bought a 17-litre tank (4 gallon) and 12 fish. What we got: 3 livebearers, platy's to be exact, one of them a red...
  17. P

    Is My Platy Pregnant? Please Help !

    Hi I just got a Platy fish and im really not sure if its pregnant or not or just a bit fat ?? Please help !! ps- sorry its not the best quality picture-
  18. M

    Platy With Cloudy Film On Eye! Please Help Asap!

    So i got 3 platies 2 weeks ago. My other 2 platies are just fine and happy. all 3 eat well. but since last 3-4 days, one of my platy have got a white translucent film on its eye. its eye seems fine, but there is a layer covering its eye. It is sitting at one spot too, it just comes up to eat...
  19. F

    Red Wag Platy With White Patches And Clamped Fin.

    I have a platy that is almost an adult living in a pretty healthy 20 gallon. I just noticed now that they have 3 white patches across the body. At first I thought that maybe it was like some diseases that resemble cotton on the body, but it doesn't look like that. It looks more like the scales...
  20. K

    Male Platy Always Hiding Around The Bottom Of The Tank

    I've had two Platies for about a month now and all was good. My female actually just died yesterday from getting stuck in a VERY small "window" in one of my decorations. Very sad.  I've gradually been adding some fish once in a while such as a dwarf gourami, a honey gourami, a cory, and...