White poop from platy?


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Oct 3, 2022
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Windsor England
I have a question, my female swordtail eats a lot. She is about 3 inches long. She is rather fat, I'm not sure if shes pregnant or just overweight.
I rescued her from a friend, she was living in a very small tank with a single plastic plant and two other very unhappy fish.
A guppy and a platy who have both passed away.

She eats fine, she swims fine, she does everything fine but sometimes, she has white poop.
I thought it just depended on what she ate that day, it starts off orange (colour of food) then sometimes turns white, then back to orange or brown.
This has been happening for as long as shes been with me (don't know about her past tank)

This doesn't happen to any of my other fish but they do eat a lot less and they're much smaller.

Another thing... her lip looks very bashed.
I dont know if it's because she was possibly glass surfing in her other tank so much that it's happened.
Or maybe shes been in a fight? It definitely doesn't bother or hurt her anymore atleast. And I know I haven't done anything to cause this.

ALSO, a few months ago she had a little incident. There was a little cave ornament in the 70l, I had come home to feed the fish and rats, only for about 10 minutes. I suddenly heard banging on the side of the tank, I realised it was the swordtail stuck in one of the holes!
She was clearly distressed and I wonder how long she had actually been stuck in there.
It wasn't pleasant at all, I had to push her back through. Which of course me and her hated.
Eventually I got her out, but some scales came off in the process. Most of them have come back perfectly fine, but theres still a white patch on her side.
I don't know if it's because of that or possibly some sort of rot?

I also noticed a few days ago a white thing in her mouth when she opened it.
I don't think its mouth rot... I hope not.
Shes eating well and acting normally. I havent seen it since and I only saw it once.

Here's a picture of her mouth and what she looks like:


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First of all, your platy isn't a platy but a female swordtail. Most likely, your swordtail has got internal worms which causes white looking waste.
Pretty sure it appeared when she got stuck. I think it's just rubbed off scales, none of the other fish have anything like it.
That would be the most ideal situation. Fingers crossed...
Give it some time and watch if she heals normal...
I'm not sure it will change, shes been like that for a few months now.
Scales can be regenerated but not with all fish. Same goes for the coloring of a damaged scale. As long as she will swim and eat well, I wouldn't be worried about her.

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