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  1. ella777

    Fat guppy?

    I have a very healthy 200l tank with a variety of fish who are all doing well. I've noticed that one of the ten guppies is very fat and I'm very concerned. I've had him for almost a year. I originally thought the guppies were female but it turns out they're all male, so he definitely isn't...
  2. ella777

    White poop from platy?

    I have a question, my female swordtail eats a lot. She is about 3 inches long. She is rather fat, I'm not sure if shes pregnant or just overweight. I rescued her from a friend, she was living in a very small tank with a single plastic plant and two other very unhappy fish. A guppy and a platy...
  3. K

    possibly gravid brilliant rasbora?

    Found this plump brilliant rasbora this morning and wondering if it's gravid, bloated, or possibly something else? It is breathing more rapidly than others, has red spots, and occasionally hangs out towards the top of the tank. Otherwise, it seems to be swimming fine; albeit more slowly than...
  4. R

    Is my Molly pregnant? Or jsut fat?

    Hi my molly has started to look much fatter and I’m wondering if she’s just eaten a lot or if she’s pregnant.
  5. rianna21

    What is up with my Danio?

    Hi, I’ve attached a youtube video of my Danio which I have had for maybe 3 months now. The last few weeks its been looking really chubby and has an extra kind of hump under its chin. Now it seems to be breathing quickly and keeping away from the others. Is it pregnant and going to lay eggs...
  6. A

    Very fat platy fish

    Hello, I've got 4 platies (1 male, 2 female & 1 baby male). I am worried because both of my female (especially one of them) is very fat. I feet them with Dajana mini tropical pellets : crude protein - 50% crude fibre - 2% crude oil & fats- 9% crude ash - 7% moisture - 8% I feed them once...
  7. G

    My cardinal tetra looks strange

    I’ve noticed my cardinal tetra, Timothy, is looking a little tubby. I was wondering if he is actually a pregnant girl or if he is constipated
  8. W

    Pregnant or not?

    Hi, One of me dwarf guaramis has gradually become bloated, originally we thought pregnant but now after researching this I’m unsure. Please let me know what to do, I’m pretty new to the fish keeping life. I know my tank isn’t clean was in the process before I noticed the fish! They were my first...
  9. Tumanita

    Odd looking Tiger Barb (Mouth Deformity)

    A couple of month ago my friend had to move and gave me his tiger barbs. I had already had tiger barbs so I knew what they needed. One in particular looked very ugly and had a big belly and my friend said that the fish had that belly since it was a baby. I let it go. Today in the morning it was...
  10. M

    Pregnant or fat platy

  11. E

    Platy Super fat?

    Hi all, This is one of those is she pregnant or is she not? query. I've read through loads of other posts and some photos I've seen of sick fish look like mine, but some photos of pregnant fish look like mine. It feels like she's been pregnant for years! Obviously she hasn't but it's...
  12. G

    Fat and pale siamese algae eater

    Can someone tell me what is happening to this fish? It's acting normally but is really fat and pale. The other ones appear a bit fat as well, but not this bad.
  13. Cameronb_01

    Pot Belly Discus Chasing Others Around Tank

    Hi, As the title suggests I have one discus fish in my tank, with a pot belly, (picture attached), who chases his fellow tank-mates around tirelessly, (vid linked). There are 9 of them in the tank which is 450L and I feed 7 Gamma Blisters a day, (a mix of blood-worms, white mosquito larvae...
  14. OjoAndBlubb

    Are my ACFs too fat?

    So around 4-5 months back I got these two African Clawed Frogs. One is female and one is male. But I feed them a lot...so are they too fat? Ugh. I wish there was a better way to post pics on here.
  15. A

    Help: Why Is My Fish Really Fat?

    Hi,    One of the fish in my garden pond is really fat and has been like this for about 3-4 weeks now but it's getting worse by the day. I don't know whether it's pregnant or there is something wrong with it. Not sure what kind of fish it is. It doesn't move much and sometimes faces down the way...
  16. H

    Fat Or Pregnant Molly?

    So I bought a Molly from my LFS maybe 2 months ago, she's now looking quite large, but not huge and fairly square. I don't have any male mollies in the tank( community including a plecy, angelfish, platies and Pakistani loaches) though I have read they can store sperm/eggs. Can anyone tell me if...
  17. G

    Are My Fish Fat? (Overfeeding?!)

    I started my tank about two months ago. I have the fish for... 4-7 weeks. When I bought them, they were "normal". Now, the molly (if it's a molly), my guppy and my tetras seem really fat compared to how they were. Until about two weeks ago, I thought it's ok, but now they seem to be a little bit...
  18. K

    Is My Fish Ill Or Just Fat? [+Hi Res Pics]

    Hey there, glad to be on board!! )   I'm concerned about my poor OrangeFish (not had the tank long..   Concerned about fatness, and maybe a tiny bit of fin rot?   If a picture speaks 1000 words excuse me if I'm a bit verbose here    
  19. Spaino

    Sick Neon Tetra & Mollie

    Hi guys - new to this forum and to fishkeeping. We bought our first tank in January this year (2012). We bought a 30L BiOrb (not the round space helmet looking one). It has a rock base (not sand) and various ornaments and plastic plants. We have a heater and use the air filter that came with it...