29 gallon

  1. Circus

    29 Gallon W/DCL & Otos

    Ph 7.4 Hardness 100-110 ppm Dimensions 30"×12"×18" Here in a few months I will have my last 2 empty tanks running and my fish shuffled around. This will let me move my Dwarf Chain Loaches into my 29 gallon and out of the 20 gallon. I am looking for tankmates for the DCLs (there will be 7 of...
  2. S

    Male Platy is hiding from the rest of his tank mates

    I have a total of 9 plattys, 2 males and 7 females. The one male is blue and the other is orange and both seem to not like being around the females and other fish in the tank. The blue is newer than the orange and when I first got the orange he stayed away from the rest of the group and now he...
  3. frogfanboy

    29 gallon stocking?

    Hello all, First time posting on here but I need some advice. I recently got a 29 gallon tank and I'm looking for some advice on what to put in it. I already have some fish I moved in from an old tank, but it feels under stocked and going off of the inch per gallon rule I currently have...
  4. Falconwithaboxon


    Hello I have been on this forum for a couple of months and just felt sharing my tank! I started it the 2nd week of August and it is my first tank, 29 gallons. My plans for it are to just get a few more plants in it and start a 2nd bigger tank by May. Any opinions or advice is appreciated...
  5. Falconwithaboxon

    Neon Tetras

    So I plan on getting a 125-150 gallon tank and I will want to get bigger fish then I currently have to go in there. That issue with that is I have a school of neon tetras, 10 of them, and bigger fish might eat them. I currently have a 29 gallon tank that I plan on keeping for them. So my...
  6. Falconwithaboxon

    Hiding Fish

    I have 3 Powder Blue Gourami, 4 Orange Platies, 3 Damnation Mollies, 10 Neon Tetras, and 4 Zebra Danios along with 4 snails. The tank is 29 gallons and moderatly planted(working on more plants). One of my Gouramis is hiding a lot. I've had all these fish for around 2 months and this is the first...
  7. HoldenOn

    re doing my 29

    Hey all, I'm switching to sand for my bottom dwellers, and want to redo the aqua scape. Open to any suggestions, I have access to driftwood, plants and a lot of slate chunks. Please feel free to drop in!
  8. Circus

    Max Number of Pygmy Corydoras

    So, I just saw my group of 10 pygmy corydoras school around the tank with all of them together. This is the first time all 10 went at it like that. So now I am wondering what the max number I can keep in my 29 gallon are.
  9. Circus

    Stocking a 29 Gallon

    Tell me what you guys think of my stock list? At the moment I have 10 pygmy corydoras and 2 rescued cardinal tetra. I plan on bringing the cardinals up to 12 or so and they cories up to 15 (more of both if you guys think it could work). When the tank is mature enough, I will be moving my 5 oto...
  10. Circus

    The Right Kind of Algae

    So I am going to be setting up a 29 gallon tank this week. It will have peacock gudgeons, pygmy cories, otos, and and possibly a small type of tetra. It will have a thin layer of gravel with a couple of inches of sand over it. I will be using dragon rock and spiderwood as hardscape (I think...
  11. Circus

    Paradise Fish a good fit?

    I recently had to move my Florida Flag Fish from my 29 gallon tank into their own 10 gallon since they were beating up my Corydoras on a regular basis. At the moment I have a mix of gold and regular WCMM, 4 male Guppy fish, and 4 (soon to be 7) Pepper Corycats along with an albino BN pleco. The...
  12. T

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking Question

    I just bought a 29 gallon aquarium from the Petco dollar per gallon sale, and I was wondering how many fish I could have without overcrowding. Would it be fine to have 2 Angelfish, 2 German Blue Rams, and 2 Apistogrammas?
  13. Annemarie

    Betta Community Tank

    Hello! As some of you may know I have a 29 gallon aquarium with the following: 1 Honey gourami male, 5 neon tetras (working on getting more after one died a while ago), 4 nerite snails, a ghost shrimp, and 1 kuhli loach (store only had one but I’m also working on getting more). My sister has a...
  14. C

    29 Gal Cherry Barbs Stocking

    Hi! So I'm pretty new to this and I have a 10 gal going strong rn. I made a deal with my boyfriend that at the end of the semester we can get a 29 gallon, which we are researching how to stock. We really want cherry barbs - as many as we can with maybe a centerpiece fish. I have no idea what to...
  15. TheLastMelon

    Using 2 Heaters in 1 Tank

    Hey, I'm going to upgrade from a ten gallon tank to a 29 gallon tank and I was wondering if I could use both the 10 gallon heater and the 29 gallon heater in the new tank. Both of the heaters are used so I guess they might take the strain off of each other. Or, would they make the tank too hot...
  16. R

    20gal tank ideas

    I have a twenty gal tall hexagonal tank and I need stocking ideas. I am really set on khuli loaches but those are the only fish that I really want. I was thinking of getting five khulis, 8 silver tip tetras and 2 dwarf gourami, I kind of wanted dwarf puffers but I know that they don’t get along...
  17. K

    Searching for a filter for 29 gallon

    I plan on purchasing a 29 gallon tank tomorrow and need help on picking a filter for my tank! I’ve heard a lot about the marine land filters but I’m not sure which filters are the best for a 29 gallon. I plan to have around 15 ish fish in this tank. Thank you.
  18. K

    Looking for a new tank

    i currently have a 15g fish tank, but my corydoras had babies a few months ago and have outgrown the breeder box that they are in. I have about 10 new corys and am looking for a new tank. I want something longer rather than taller and something around 20-30 gallons maybe 40 but can’t find...
  19. C

    Tank stock

    I currently have 1 apistogramma bitaeniata male along with 9 black neon tetras, 6 julii cory catfish, and 10 or so ghost shrimp in a 29 gallon. Is this tank understocked. I would like to add about 5 otocinclus because I'm getting a bad algae problem and I have the good bacteria on my driftwood...
  20. Annemarie

    29 gallon stocking ideas

    I’ve been planning a 29 gallon for a while now and this is what I came up with for stocking ideas. 1 : Pearl Gourami (or one honey) 6 : neon tetra 5 : cherry barb (2 male 3 female) 4 : Kuhli Loach (I want less but they’re social so 4 is my plan) 1-3 : ram cichlids (1 male 2 female maximum...