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Jul 14, 2020
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Washington State, USA
So, I will be adding a powerhead to my Dwarf Chain Loach tank, a 29 gallon. With the final stocking, there will be 7 of them.
7.4 ph, 110ppm hardness.
What other fish like medium flow, that would be okay in this tank?
Corys and plecos like flow, but I believe that they don't get on that well with loaches. Hillstream loaches love flow, but I don't know offhand if they are compatible with dwarf chain loaches. Some species of tetras can manage. Google things like 'rheophilic characins.' You might find them. I have medium-ish flow in my biggest tank (240L), and my rummy nose and black phantoms swim without any trouble. But I would not want much more for them. One of my other tanks is getting by blasted by powerheads -- you could go whitewater rafting in it if you were the size of a paperclip -- and it only has corys (which are breeding like rabbits), plecos, and some filter feeding shrimp. Haven't bothered with characins.
not a fish, but you can have 1 single filter feeder shrimp(wood, vamprie, bamboo)
maybe some baby plecos
I really do like bamboo shrimp, but am not sure if the loaches would pick on it. They get bigger than the loaches do, lol.

I might move my Harlequin Rasbora over from the 55, they loved the high flow when they were in the 20 gallon.
Yeah, they should manage. I have two bamboo shrimp and two vampire shrimp in my high flow tank, and the corys and plecos don't bother with them. I know nothing about loach behaviour, as I've never owned one. Hopefully someone who has can advise.
When you have a shoal of one species of loach, that is usually going to be it for substrate fish. You can sometimes combine certain botine loach species; I had a shoal of Botia kubotai in with my group of chain loaches, but that was in a 48 inch/120 cm 90g (340 liter) tank, with chunks of bogwood covering the sand to provide plenty of options to the loaches who like tunnels and a "private" home tunnel. But these two species are found together in the same habitat, which I thought might or might not make a difference, but I never saw any cross-species interactions in the several years they were together in this tank. Generally, loaches can be very territorial, establishing a distinct hierarchy within the species group (which is why additional fish should not be added down the road once the initial group is settled in a tank). Some species doo not tolerate other species at all.

Corydoras should not be housed with loaches. Again there is no absolute, and the loach species may or may not seem to tolerate such an arrangement...but it is not advisable. I can't imagine the cories being too pleased with this either, they certainly have nothing comparable in their habitats.

And most importantly...this is a 29g tank which will (assuming it is 30 inches/75 cm length minimum) provide space just for the chain loaches, and I would not press them without a larger area.
I wasn't considering any bottom dwelling fish. I was looking for middle or top dwelling schools, or perhaps a single larger fish.
I wasn't considering any bottom dwelling fish. I was looking for middle or top dwelling schools, or perhaps a single larger fish.
They got mentioned somewhere here, it is as well to cover all bases. Your group of chain loaches should do very well, just make sure they have lots of wood (or comparable) refuge areas, they do need that.

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